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Popular USO-hosted Kirikiti Tournament returns to Seattle

Members of United Samoa Organization (

Seattle, WASHINGTON — A ”little piece of home” returns to Seattle, Washington this weekend when U.S.O. — the United Samoa Organization — brings back its popular Kirikiti Tournament — for the first time since the COVID-19 pandemic.

The 2022 tournament is slated to start Saturday, May 14 and runs every Saturday through August 22.

About 22,000 people of Samoan descent live in Washington State — according to the Seattle Times — the third-highest number in the country after California and Hawaii. Teams from Olympia, Puyallup, Federal Way and other Puget Sound-area communities compete in Seattle’s league from May to mid-August.

This year, 4 women’s teams — Fetaiaimauso- Women’s Champ, Teine ole I'a, Teine ole Laumua, and Teine ole Kionasina and 8 men’s teams —  Tama ole Tuasivi- Men’s Champ, Tama ole Aoa, Tama ole Laumua, Tama ole Kionasina, Mighty Dove, Mauga Ula, Tama ole Mosiula, and Rainier Boys will vie for the championship. 

Samoan style cricket — kirikiti is played in New Zealand, Australia, California — anywhere large concentrations of Samoans are found.

The game provides a link to heritage for Samoans away from home and for those raised in the states — a way for American-born Samoan youth to experience traditional values and a sense of connection, Roshina Wilson Kerisiano explains. “It’s the one sport we have here that brings the community together.”

It’s a good way to celebrate May —  Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month. 

Games are played at Jefferson Park, 3801 Beacon Ave. S. in Seattle.  This Saturday’s game kick starts with a Grand Opening Day parade at 7 a.m.

Thanks Roshina for sharing this with Samoa News — Linking Samoans Worldwide.