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Team Amercan Samoa ready for the challenge — swimmers compete first

Tilali Scalan and Micah Masei
ANOC releases schedules for our Olympic athletes
Sources: ASNOC, Facebook

Olympic Village, JAPAN — America Samoa Olympic swimmers Tilali Scalan and Micah Masei “are your Team ASA swimmers for the 2020(one) Tokyo Olympic Games” which officially opens July 23rd after it was postponed from last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Talofa lava Amerika Samoa, friends, family, and swimming fans! Micah & I are both scheduled to compete in the 100 meter breaststroke on days 1 & day 2,” Tilali said on the social media posting.

She also shared the most recent update regarding their competition times:

• Micah: 24 July, 20:25 heat 1

• Tilali: 25 July, 19:37 heat 2

Wondering what time zone this will be for you? Check out this link here:

More information regarding the coverage of the Olympic Games and access on the games official website [ page].

Be “sure to also follow the competition schedule of our other Team ASA Olympic athletes! Go Team AMERIKA SAMOA! Thank you all for the love & support, we will update you all more within the days to come,” Scanlan said.



"So proud of our swimmers who are competing in Tokyo for the Olympics and Team American Samoa! Malo fo'i Tanu!" says Congresswoman Uifa’atali Amata on her Facebook page where she posted this photo. [courtesy photo]

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