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LBJ clinic and non-essential service closures remain in effect

Lbj hospital sign
ASPA notes other areas affected after heavy rains

Pago Pago, AMERICAN SAMOA — In a public notice LBJ Tropical Medical Center on Friday afternoon, Dec. 15, informed the public that due to a water interruption and compromised water supply to the health facility, "LBJ is forced to close all outpatient clinics and non-essential services effective immediately [Friday]."

The notice says LBJ will focus on sustaining services to the critical areas of the hospital. "This closure will remain in effect until we receive confirmation from ASPA that water services are fully restored. We understand the inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your understanding as we work to address this challenge as soon as possible."

Samoa News reached out to LBJ on Sunday for an update on the water issue and was told that “it is still in effect”.

Also noted was that LBJ Management would be meeting Sunday afternoon, Dec. 17, 2023, to determine if it will resume normal operations.

“LBJ will keep the community updated on the status of the water supply and provide information on the resumption of normal operations as soon as possible.”

LBJ Hospital was not the only facility or area affected.

Recent heavy rain caused high turbidity in two major wells #72 and #81 in Fagaima, ASPA said in a notice posited on its Facebook page.

“It became necessary to shut off both wells to prevent pumping contaminated water to the public. This action alone has resulted in low water pressure in the central system.

“ASPA is transferring water from the Pavaiai system to replace loss production from wells 72 and 81. Wells 72 and 81 will remain offline indefinitely.”

The notice says the central water system has stabilized, but additional work is ongoing to improve the situation further.

ASPA also issued a precautionary boil water notice on Friday.

“ASPA kindly asks to please BOIL our water before consuming, due to recent heavy rains and high turbidity from underground water wells.

“The water wells causing high turbidity have been shut down and this has affected water pressure in the Tafuna area all the way to Fagatogo.

“We are working to supply water to affected areas while we monitor the weather conditions & turbidity in the wells.”

[Samoa News will update this story as information becomes available.]