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Togiola dedicates Aunu’u Transit Shelter

UTULEI,  American Samoa —Governor Togiola Tulafono on Thursday dedicated the passenger transit shelter at Aunu’u wharf as part of the Aunu’u Transit Shelter Project funded by the Fagatele Bay National Marine Sanctuary. Governor Togiola said the passenger shelter will provide a safe covered and comfortable area for people of Aunu’u as well as visitors to the island – a very beautiful and special part of American Samoa.

Governor’s Remarks

“We give thanks to God for the successful completion of this shelter and we thank High Talking Chief Fuiava Avaloa and the Aunu’u Village Council for their cooperation and support of this project. Often it is not the size of the building, but the purpose why it was built. I thank the generation of High Talking Chief Fuiava, and our other elders here in Aunu’u, for being a part of something as simple as this transit shelter. Future generations of Aunu’u will utilize this building to commute to Tutuila, and while waiting for the alia ferry, away from sun and rain, will ask, ‘Who built this passenger shelter?’ And they will be told of that special generation and the role that they played in making this building a reality; and the spirit of partnership that made it happen.

May this structure be of good use to the good people of Aunu’u and those who will visit this beautiful and peaceful island that is uniquely American Samoa. Thank you, Aunu’u. Thank you for your patience. You have for a long time requested many projects from the government, and even to governors who came before me, and you remained patient. I truly believe that the village that is the most patient will receive more blessings in the future.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation. And thank you for your support for government. This building is a result of a wonderful partnership of agencies and our hope of having federal agencies assist us in our projects.

We look forward to other efforts for more improvement of the Aunu’u and Auasi wharves with a safe harbor and safe ramps so that our people may conveniently embark and disembark from the vessels, and a safe journey between the two wharves.”

The Aunu’u Transit Shelter Project was created in partnership with the American Samoa Government, Department of Commerce, national Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Fagatele Bay National Marine Sanctuaries and the Department of Port Administration.

Port Administration Director Matagi Ray Mailo McMoore said the cost to construct the 12 foot x 20 foot transit shelter was $15,000 and it is just the beginning of more improvements for Aunu’u and Auausi wharves.

“This is a good start and we are very thankful to have been a part of the great collaboration with DOC, NOAA, Fagatele Bay National Marine Sanctuaries and the people of Aunu’u,” said Director Matagi. “We look forward to future projects and future partnership with these agencies to assist in improving the travel needs of those who travel between Aunu’u and Auasi.”

Director Matagi also said the plans for the Aunu’u Harbor rehabilitation project are in the works and will be funded by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. The project will involve the reinstating of the harbor and its rock revetments to its original design to ensure it functions well to protect Aunu’u harbor.

“There will a study that is required for Aunu’u and Auasi Harbor to investigate and provide options for the development of the two harbors for the future to accommodate larger boats for transporting of cargo, vehicles and passengers, and it will also be funded by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers,” said Director Matagi. “We’re off to a good start to ensure that we have a safe harbor between these two wharves.”

Source: ASG media release