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Veterans Stadium now hosts training for eight different sports

Sports Complex Manager Toleafoa Henry Tavake would like the public to know there is training being offered for eight different sports at the Veterans Memorial Stadium at this time and invites all young athletes to come on down and begin training in any one of them.


“I try and have each one of these organizations keep their doors open for anyone who wishes to come down and train. I want to try and have something for these young kids here in the territory to do, instead of roaming the streets and getting into trouble after school,” said Toleafoa.


Right now, there are eight different sports groups offering training, according to Toleafoa — and they are boxing, wrestling, weightlifting, track & field, rugby, junior golf, team handball and beach volleyball.


Toleafoa said that the stadium is open early in the morning until early evening for anyone to come in and use the track for running and/or walking.


For boxing, there are currently two professional boxers and a slew of amateurs training constantly, according to Toleafoa, who heads the boxing organization. One of the professional fighters is Alapati “Heat Man” Aasa who trains out of the Memorial Stadium/Sports Complex working on his world class skills in his climb up the professional boxing ranks. Aasa won his fourth professional boxing match recently in Apia, Samoa with a 1st round knock out, bringing his record to 4 wins/ 0 loses, with 3 knockouts.


“I want the coaches and trainers of the sports groups here to treat their groups the way I treat my boxing — by keeping their doors constantly open. If they want to be successful, they have to do it this way. They have to keep the kids coming back again and again. That’s why I keep my boxing doors open, so the kids can come and train all the time,” he said.


 Toleafoa’s boxers recently returned from Apia, Samoa where he saw his amateurs win two out of four fights. His amateur fighters George Tanoa and Kalepi Fata both won, while Onolina Viliamu (in the girls division) and Pesamino Toelau each lost their fights.


Aasa’s fight schedule according to Toleafoa has him fighting on March 14 in Apia, then on April 15 during American Samoa’s Flag Day and then back to Samoa in May.


On August 14, Aasa will fight in a local matchup, with another local fight in October during American Samoa's Mosooi Week 2014.


If anyone has questions about any of the sports groups at the stadium, please call the Sports Complex office at 699-6330.