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There was a tie Saturday in the Young To'a o Samoa Cultural Competition between the GHC Reid Co. Ltd. team, and the Bluesky Communications team, in the first round of the competition. The Sadie's team came a close third.


The competition is being produced by PCS-TV with the co-operation of the FamSS group, which was responsible for the first full length American Samoa movie, “Heart to Heart”.


The first competition was to catch and prepare a size 2 pig, and cook taro, bananas and octopus in an umu. The competition was held on Unutoa family land in Aua. The umu fire had to be started the Samoan way — no matches allowed.


Bluesky was the first to get their fire going and the other two teams found it better to ‘faamolemole’ the Bluesky team than to continue with their own efforts.


Each team has one member from each of the local high schools and the competition will have 12 episodes, the first one of which will air on Channel 11 from 8 till 10 p.m. on Wednesday, Feb. 19th, with a repeat the following Saturday.


It has been offered to KVZK-TV to air at the same times, so people who cannot received Channel 11 will be able to enjoy the show.  After the first show, succeeding shows will be one hour in length. DVDs will be available for sending overseas.


Next week the food preparation will be “vaisalo” and teams will have to paddle a canoe from Sadie’s by the Sea to get the coconut which will be on a float in the harbor. The competition will start at 2 p.m.