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Check-in information for Wednesday’s medical flight to Honolulu

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Source: American Samoa Medicaid Office

Pago Pago, AMERICAN SAMOA — The check-in information for the medical charter flight, HAL#922, Wednesday, January 13, 2021, is as follows:


•                Opens @ 7:30AM (Airport Main Terminal--HAL ticket counters are now open)

•                Closes @ 11:00AM

•                There will be NO PARKING available at the airport.

•                Main Parking lot will be used for check-in and drop off queues so it will not be used for parking whatsoever.

•                The grass area behind the tanks will be used for the overflow queue.


•                Opens for WHEELCHAIR Passengers ONLY @ 10:00AM

•                Opens for all other Passengers @ 11:00AM

•                Closes @ 2:00PM


•                Passengers are allowed 2 check-in baggage (50lbs) and 1 carry-on


•                ONLY traveling Passengers will be allowed in the airport terminal, with exception of the elderly and those needing assistance with wheelchairs. We urge families and friends to bid farewell before coming to the airport. You will only be allowed to do DROP-N-GO at the curb after 11:00am. Parking will be limited to those needing wheelchair assistance.


•                You will be required to wear your mask prior to boarding the flight. Please have one ready before your check-in at the airport.


•                If you have not registered online for the Hawaii Safe Travels program, please come to the Medicaid office in Tafuna where you can get assistance to complete this registration.

•                This is MANDATORY by the State of Hawaii Government. This registration must be done prior to departure. Failure to register will subject the passengers to a fine by the State of Hawaii.


•                This form needs to be submitted 24hours prior to flight departure. Medicaid Staff will be at the Feleti Barstow library at 3:30PM-to-8:00PM on Tuesday, January 12, to help passengers who need assistance to submit this form.

•                The Medicaid office in Tafuna will also remain open for passengers needing assistance to submit this form.


•                All passengers have received approval of the Quarantine Exemption to enter the State of Hawaii. Hawaii-bound passengers are waived from doing a COVID test and quarantine--coming from a COVID free jurisdiction.

•                The Quarantine Exemption letter will be distributed by Medicaid staff at the airport before entry at the security point.

•                TRANSIT passengers: If you need a COVID test result for onward travel to the U.S., please proceed to DOH to request a COVID test before Wednesday.

**Finally, please eat before you come to the airport or bring some food to tide you over. The day will be long and food is not readily available at the airport.

If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact our office at 699-4777 or email us at