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Court News

A preliminary hearing was set for Andres Villar on Jan 9, 2012, when he appeared in front of the District Court yesterday, and pled not guilty to various charges, which included two counts of theft, breaking and entering in the second degree and destruction of property in the third degree.

The incident involving the alleged crimes occurred on the night of Oct. 16, when someone broke into the Tafuna Health Clinic and two of the clinic's vehicles were stolen.

Villar is still in custody at the Tafuna Correctional Facility, as he could not post the $2,000 bail ordered by the court.


A fight between two women in Pago Pago over the weekend landed one in jail and the other at the LBJ hospital, under police supervision.

Yesterday morning, Keisana Talaese appeared before the District Court and pled not guilty to charges of public disturbance. Her next hearing is set for next month and she has been released on her own recognizance.

Mariaiva Ma'alona is set to appear before court tomorrow.Ma'alona is currently on probation from another case for which she appeared in court two months ago.


Two men were detained over the weekend and appeared before the District Court yesterday morning, and pled not guilty to charges of Public Disturbance. Their next hearing is set for next week Monday.

One of these two men, is a 28 year old man from Tafuna, who allegedly beat up his wife in front of a store in Tafuna last Friday evening, when his wife tried to make him leave his drinking party so she could take him home.

The other defendant was detained at the Central Police Station in Fagatogo over the weekend, when he got drunk and allegedly beat up his wife, threatening to tie her up, if she destroyed another music CD from one of his friends.

The two defendants were released yesterday morning, and are under special instructions from the court, including no contact or attempting to contact their spouses.


Out of the five Nu'uuli rugby players who were charged for beating up a referee from Samoa in July, only one, Selefuti Malo Tago, has entered a plea agreement with the government. He has pled guilty to revised charges of assault in the third degree.

Trials for co-defendants Barry Pelenato and Fuatai Tago have been set for April 25, 2012, while plea agreement hearings for Pene Wells and Iopu Siolo have been rescheduled for Dec. 5.

Tago is scheduled to reappear in front of the High Court this morning. He is being represented by Marie Ala'ilima.

All five defendants have been remanded to custody at the Tafuna Correctional Facility.