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DOA’S Vet holds more spay & neuter clinics

The Department of Agriculture’s Veterinary Clinic, with help from the local non-profit Alofa Mo Meaola continues to conduct important outreach clinics where dogs and cats can be spayed and neutered for free, thus helping to create a happier, healthier environment for everyone.


Recently a series of four clinics were conducted in the village of Fagaalu.


Territorial Veterinarian, Dr. Brenda Smith (seen here, far right) said of the Fagaalu clinics, “Many thanks to the pulenu’u, Uso Lago’o for his help with the project.  Thanks as well goes to the faipule Vailoata Amituana’i for his help and the use of the Amituana’i Guest House, and to Fa’agai Fano for the use of the Fano Family Guest House.”


Over the four clinics, a total of 108 dogs and cats were spayed or neutered.  An additional six animals were seen for health checks, and two suffering dogs were humanely euthanized.  By focusing on the village, and altering most of the animals present, the animal population should stay steady and not continue to grow and—a happy bonus in all of this— will be much less fighting amongst the dogs.


  The clinic staff will continue to concentrate on trapping or catching the remaining unaltered dogs over the next few weeks with hopes of getting 100% of the animals of Fagaalu spayed and neutered.


If you wish to have a clinic in your village, please speak with your pulenu’u.  Requirements include a covered area such as a fale or guest house with power and water, and a village representative to help organize the animals.  Please call the clinic for more details or to schedule (699-9445).


The Veterinary Clinic is open on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday every week.  They are also open on Tuesday and Thursday if there is no village clinic scheduled for that day.  Please call to check: 699-9445.  They would like to stress that the clinic is not an animal shelter, and there is no room there to house dogs.


If you have an animal that needs a new home, please call so the Vet Clinic can arrange with Alofa Mo Meaola, who helps with adoptions.  They can generally find homes for puppies, kittens, and sometimes friendly adult dogs, and ask that you continue to care for the animal until a new home is found.  If you wish to adopt an animal, please call the clinic at 699-9445.