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The Fa’asao Marist High School, home of the Crusaders, held their ‘Class of 2012’ Graduation ceremony last Saturday morning at the Fatu-o-Aiga Hall, with 65 students receiving their high school diplomas, and a host of family, friends, school faculty and government officials in attendance for their special day. 

This year’s graduation theme was ‘Believe And You Will Achieve’.

 Master of Ceremonies was Vice-Principal Seneuefa Muliagatele and the Commencement speaker was Father Faitau Lemautu.

In his commencement address, which was largely given in the Samoan language, Father Laemautu congratulated graduates and reiterated the class theme: “believe and you will achieve.”

Special remarks were made by Governor Togiola Tulafono and Most Reverend John Quinn Weitzel Bishop Diocese of Samoa-Pago Pago, both congratulating the graduates on their special day.

This year’s Valedictorian was Arielle Joy Andales Regis, while the Salutatorian was Glorisa Rhoam Andales Blanco.

Special Awards were given to the following students:

Valedictorian Award: Arielle Joy Andales Regis

Perpetual Valedictorian Award: Arielle Joy Andales Regis

Salutatorian Award: Glorisa Rhoam Andales Blanco

General Excellence Award: Mau Brown Jr.

Bishop J. Quinn Weitzel Students Service Award: Ali’itasi Catherine Ohi

Bishop J. Quinn Weitzel Perpetual Award: Ali’itasi Catherine Ohi

Paramount Chief Letuli Olo Student Leadership Award: Mau Brown Jr.

Paramount Chief Letuli Olo Perpetual Award: Mau Brown Jr.

Religion Award: Genevieve Paselio/Mau Brown Jr.

Student Athlete Award: Jessica Margaret Rose Fong/ Samoa Carlson Samoa

Ta’ita’itama Youth in Action Leadership in Council Award: Glorisa Rhoam Andales Blanco

ASG Scholarship Recipient Awards: Ariel Fred Garcia Niedo Jr./ Arielle Joy Andales Regis

Congressman Faleomavaega Eni Award: Ariel Fred Garcia Niedo Jr.

Class of 1979 Scholarship Award: Pandora Ane Tapuali’i

Gear Up American Samoa Scholarship Award: Glorisa Rhoam Andales Blanco/ Arielle Joy Andales Regis /Ariel Fred Garcia Niedo Jr.

Florence Saulo & Associates Scholarship Award: Rachel Anne Sampang Felix/Fouaimalo Marquierite Ta’aga/Arielle Joy Andales Regis

Rotary Club Award: Mau Brown Jr.


 “His Lordship Most Reverend John Quinn Weitzel, Honorable Governor Togiola Tulafono, Very Reverend Father Viane Etuale, Acting Director of Dept. of Education Designee Dr. Jacinta Galea’i, Chairperson of the DOE Scholarship Ward Mr. Ned Ripley, the Board of Catholic Education, distinguished guests, families, friends, teachers and fellow graduates, greeting and talofa lava”.

“It took us four long years to arrive to this day and yet in retrospect, it seemed as if all of that time went by so fast. Today, we celebrate many great things. We celebrate an end to a big part of our lives. But we also anticipate the beginning of a newer and much bigger part, that serves as our initiation to the real world. We celebrate all of the hard work, effort and time that we put into our education, that has prepared us for the more difficult work that has yet to come”.

“Today, we also celebrate for ourselves and for all of the wonderful individuals who have aided us in rising to this point. I used to think that these speeches were meant to showoff skills and prove that the Valedictorian is worthy of the title. But I realized how incredibly wrong I was. These speeches are all about acknowledging and praising the people who have helped come this far. On that note, it is only fitting that I give my greatest gratitude to the people that have been my guides and mentors throughout my life. Most especially over my high school years”.

“First and foremost I would like to thank our Heavenly Father for making this day possible and for blessing us for more than we could ever ask for. God has been with me every single step of the way and for that, I dedicate this special day to him. I would like to thank Bishop John Quinn Weitzel and Father Viane Etuale for spearheading the Catholic Education system and making quality education possible for hundreds of students. To our principal, Mr. Victor Langkilde, thank you for having the patience and determination for leading our school. Thank for all of the support you have shown each and everyone of us. To our Vice-Principal and math teacher Ms. Seneuefa, I give you my greatest appreciation, for teaching us discipline through tough love and pushing us to our limits. Without that, I would not have learned that I am capable of more than I think, especially when comes to math. Thank you for doing so much. If the school was a computer, you would be the CPU”.

“To Mr. Fausia, thank you for making Samoan Elective classes fun and for teaching phrases like, ‘O ai Lou Suafa?” Faafetai Mr. Fausia. To all of our teachers, the Deacons and Priests, thank you for teaching us the importance of knowing our faith and instilling within us morality and ethics. To Ms. Adele, you along with all of our class advisors are the best around. You guys made all of our Senior activities not only possible, but fun and memorable on such a tight budget. My hats off to you. To Ms. Cristy, thank you for teaching us Science in a way that made it understandable and for always being there to listen. ‘Maraming salamat po’”.

“To Mr. Tran, the most versatile teacher I have encountered, thank you for being patient with us when we didn’t read the assigned chapters of our novels on time, or when you had to help us with every single number on our Latin work sheets. To Mr. Brandon, thank you for teaching our class about the complicated workings of the American Government system. We all are going to miss your accent, that made it hard for any of us to understand you. Especially when you were talking 50 miles a minute. To Mrs. Pereria, Mrs. Tago, Ms., Amanda, Mr. Miller, Mr. Sipa, Mr. Ringo, Ms. Katelina and all of our teachers at Fa’asao Marist High School, thank you and Fa’afetai, for your dedication to your job and for giving us something to take as we prepare to continue on with our educational journeys. You have created in us a strong foundation, necessary to become successful individuals in the future”.

“I don’t where I would be without my family. Mom and dad, I am who I am, because of you. Dad, thank you for working so hard for the family. Even if it means that we only get to see you, six months or less, out of the entire year. I truly admire you. Mom, this is you twenty years ago. I am so proud to be following in your footsteps. Thank you for being my very first best friend and putting up with all of my wants and needs and for always telling me the right things to say. You and dad are my biggest inspiration and everything I do, I do it for you guys. There is no one more blessed than me, to have parents like you. To Avi and Ava, remember to always be good to mom and dad and focus on school only. No boys. To my grandparents. Thank you both for raising such a beautiful and loving family”.

“To my uncle’s Rubele, Mike and Sam and my aunty’s Fameta, Laura and Ruby, thank you for treating us like your own. Thank you especially to my aunty’s who understood my early girl problems, when my mom couldn’t. To Uncle Bubba, thank you for acting more like a brother, than an uncle to us. Thank you for all of the advice on anything and everything. To my family in the Philipines, thank you for your constant prayers and never ending support”.

“The Author Sarah Dessen wrote, ‘Life is an awful ugly place, to not have a best friend.’ To the Fa’asao Marist Class of 2012. Thank you for making this school year, the best ever. During our four year’s of high school together, I may not have gotten to know all of you personally, but you all will have a special place in my heart. We were one class, one heart, one soul and one family. We might of fought with each other and stressed out our advisors, but when work needed to be done, we always united to get it done. Words are not enough to express my gratitude to each and everyone of you. Thank you for all of the memories. I love you guys to the bottom of my ‘fatu’. Fellow graduates, our theme is ‘believe and you will achieve.’ During our class retreat, the most important thing that we learned, was that we determine our own success. It doesn’t matter if you are a ‘D’ or ‘A’ student. It only matters how determined you are to succeed in life. There is no doubt in my mind, that each and everyone of you, hold the potential to become either a lawyer, a doctor, a professional choreographer, an NFL player, a teacher, an NBA superstar or even the next governor of American Samoa. Never let anyone tell you that you can’t.”

“Don’t be afraid of taking risks and making mistakes. It is our mistakes that mold us into the people we are meant to be and it is these mistakes that encourage us to try harder and reach for heights unknown. Always remember to put God first and everything will fall into place. Fa’asao Marist Class of 2012, believe and you will achieve. Always remember that no matter how far you get in life, or who you become, never forget your roots. No matter where you go, keep that Courgar, Crusader spirit burning.”

Fa’afetai tele lava, soifua and God Bless.



***High Honors (GPA 3.7 Above) ** Second Honors (GPA 3.5-3.69)

^^ Honors (GPA 3.0-3.49) and National Honor Society Members

1            Emelia Magdalene Afoa

2            Ah Keni

3            Aigofie Aigofie

4            Anarosa Aigofie

5            Iose Atofau ^^

6            Bryson Autele

7            Johnny Auva’a

8            Glorisa Rhoam Andales Blanco + ***

9            Mau Brown Jr. + ***

10            Quenton T. Burgess ^^

11            Gabriel Gibson Collins ^^

12            Kalala Ariel Eletise ^^

13            Mafoa Junior Falefata ^^

14            Rachel Anne Sampang Felix + ***

15            Alfonso Jr. Feulufa’i

16            Jessica Margret Rose Fong + ***

17            Eseta Fualefau ^^

18            Brock Goodwin ^^

19            Le-Anthony Grey ^^

20            Mesepa Maria Annastasia Ioane + **

21            Teuila Iosefa ^^

22            John Luaao Iosefo

23            Dalen James Vailevanu Jennings ^^

24            Ernie Keener ^^

25            Crease Lafaele

26            Lui Jr. Lafaele

27            Ameto Sanele Lemana ^^

28            Angeline Fatafehi Sisifa Leone + ***

29            Tolotea T. Liu ^^

30            Lealofi Connie Lolesio + ***

31            Pesio Tautua Lotomau ^^

32            Ron Edward Luardo Jr. + ***

33            Benjamin James Jr. Tumanuvao ^^

34            Maria Lahrane Dela Cruz Magalasin + ***

35            Malisi Tario Magalei

36            Alapati Leautulitoese Maloata

37            Senia Snowwhite Maloata + ***

38            Williard Afoa Matu’u II

39            Fa’amamata Adina Malaepapa Meredith + ***

40            Fatuiva Adine Malaetele Meredith + **

41            Ilaisaane Tupou Moala ^^

42            Ariel Fred Garcia Niedo Jr. + ***

43            Seuitiatele Nu’u ^^

44            Ali’itasi Catherine Ohi + ***

45            Sonnylyn Aurelia Park ^^

46            Genevieve Paselio + **

47            Peato Leafi Pereira ^^

48            Elliot Peters ^^

49            Arielle Joy Andales Regis+ ***

50            Oliena Baby Salave’a + **

51            Samoa Carlson Samoa

52            Ilalio Satoa

53            Michael Godinet Schuster ^^

54            Sarojni Ella Singh ^^

55            Penitito Swanney ^^

56            Fouaimalo Marquierite Ta’aga + **

57            Sofeni Risati Talia

58            Felaua’i Talo ^^

59            Pandora Ane Tapuali’i + **

60            Rhoderick Tarray ^^

61            Monica Solinu’u Taula ^^

62            Letelemalanuola Teuila Tuimaleali’ifano

63            Hivafo’ou Tu’ulau

64            Frank Vaina

65            Julie Mary Bernadette Wulf + **