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Cool Stuff: Survivalist Dave Canterbury teams with Mora Knives

Highly regarded survival expert, David Canterbury, has teamed with Mora Knives to create the exciting Garberg Carbon knife for survival and your daily chores.    [Photo: Barry Markowitz]

Mora Knives are the standard for affordable “scandi grind” bushcraft knives.  Founded in 1891, Mora has been renowned in its almost surgical capabilities for woodcarving, notching and food prep.

But from an American survival perspective, would you bring just a surgical tool to a drama where you might have to pry, hack, build a shelter, dig, hammer, process a pig, deer, or filet a fish?  

The reality is, as with our tragic Samoa Tsunami, you won’t necessarily know you are facing a disaster, until it’s upon you...and what resources are on you, may be all you have to save yourself and loved ones.

A Garberg, stainless or the new Carbon, is both a comfortable daily work knife and adventure tool.  The overall full tang length on both is 9”, blade length 4.3”, with a .13” blade width.  Your Garberg has the option of a sturdy traditional leather sheath or Mora innovative plastic multi-mount sheath allowing attachment to backpacks, vehicles, boats and structures (via Molle System, Velcro or screws.) Both sheath systems are ambidextrous for our blessed lefties.

We need to build an apartment for Dave in the Library of Congress. Dave Canterbury is an American treasure that Mora Knives was very astute to connect with.

Dave is us. He comes from a working background, served in the military, believes in God, family, loyal friends and straight talking... and he is really truly smart. Dave knows more about early pioneers, trappers and Daniel Boone kinda guys than any history professor Cool Stuff slept through at UCLA.

The difference between Dave Canterbury and we Coolio mortals is that we need stuff to help us in our day-to-day living and particularly when we are in survival mode. We need fire-starting gear, we need a tent, we need water purifiers, we need a stainless steel cup or pot, we need air conditioning, ice cubes, generators, and we need informative text messages from government (like last month’s text telling me a North Korean missile was inbound to nuke me and my precious family).  

Dave really doesn’t need anything... but he chooses the new carbon Mora Garberg as his one must have on his hip.

Why is Dave’s preference the new Mora Garberg Carbon over the Sandvik 14C28N stainless steel version Cool Stuff has been testing?

Dave’s view is that a Garberg Carbon lets you spark a fire from a greater variety of natural rocks around you. A stainless knife requires a more iron based rock to spark. A carbon Garberg will also sharpen up in the field a little easier and stay sharp a bit longer than the stainless.

Smart Coolios, for a limited time, can pre-order the Garberg Carbon and heaps of his proven rugged gear, from Dave Canterbury’s Pathfinder Store for $99:

Bottom line is Dave endorses both metallurgy Garberg’s as they are the same knife design/dimension that operates well with a conventional, upside down or reverse grip.  Wondering if Dave might tell we islanders that for our humid saltwater environment, the stainless steel Mora Garberg might be a better option?

Cool Stuff’s solution... get both. The original stainless Garberg is immediately available direct from Mora’s official distributor in a month or so, get the Garberg Carbon.

Life is simple. You know somebody is going to fix your car, hand you an airline buddy pass, or help you move with their pickup truck. When your Dave Canterbury influenced Garberg Carbon version arrives, just hand your buddy your stainless. That happy Coolio will be your bestest friend for life.  

Or give it to your existing bestest friend — your Coolio wife or husband