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public and private schools at 2023 ashsaa sports opening
Sui o au footabll a le Aoga a Malisi ma se tasi o aoga a le malo i le sauniga i le Aso To’anai ua te’a e tatala ai le amataina o le vaitau o taaloga mo lenei tausaga aoga fou 2023/2024. [ata: ASG]
Veterans Affairs personnel in Maryland
O se va’aiga i nisi o sui mai i le Ofisa mo Fitafita Tuai a le malo o Amerika Samoa faapea Hawaii ma le faatonusili o le VFW faavaomalo, o Mike Figlioli (pito i luga i le itu tauagavale). O lo o auai atu nei sui o le teritori ma Hawaii i ni aoaoga ma faatasiga a Fitafita Tuai o lo o faia i...
Lt.Governor Talauega E.V. Ale throws first pass of 2023 ASHSAA football
Lt. Governor Talauega Ale charging up to throw the opening pass to officially kick off the 2023-24 ASHSAA Football Season that was held at the Veterans Memorial Stadium this past Saturday morning. [photo: Tony Gasu]
Pago Pago, AMERICAN SAMOA — American Samoa joins the rest of the nation today, to remember the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on U.S soil, and Gov. Lemanu P. S. Mauga has ordered all flags in the territory to be flown at half-staff for Patriot Day, today. In his Sept. 08 memorandum, the governor...
A large crowd at the Afioga Tufele Li’amatua Sr. Tufele Cultural Center
A large and diverse crowd gathered at the Afioga Tufele Li’amatua Sr. Tufele Cultural Center at the Su’igaula o le Atuvasa Park in Utulei on Monday, Sept. 4 to launch the ASG Maui humanitarian relief effort. Read story in this issue. [ASG photo]
Honolulu, HAWAII — In a spiritual recognition of the devastation and hope for Lahaina, Maui's future, Kahu Hailama Farden, pre-game, recited a Pule (prayer) with support from University of Hawaii Athletics Director Craig Angelos and wife Kristin, Reverend Eric Matsumoto, Monsignor Gary Secor,...
Alvis Satele and his son Brashton
UH Football Alumni Alvis Satele and his son Brashton were honored for their significant contribution as a family to the success of the University of Hawaii Athletics. The Satele Family greeted fans and signed autographs pre-game, and were brought onto the field and introduced to the stadium as an...
Dancing at the DOE back to school extravaganza
O se tasi o ‘au siva fa’afiafia i le fa’atasiga a le Matagaluega o Aoga i le Veterans Stadium e tatala aloaia ai le tausaga aoga fou 2023-2024 a le Matagaluega o Aoga (ASDOE). [ata: ASDOE facebook]
Pisupo lua afe
Sydney, AUSTRALIA — Corned beef, bully beef, pisupo or spam. Whichever name you know it by, this tin of processed meat needs no introduction in the Pacific. It's held a cultural significance for decades – eaten and gifted at special occasions, from feasts, weddings to funerals. And while it has...
HazCat training participants
This photo posted on the American Samoa Environmental Protection Agency (AS-EPA) Facebook page shows some of the participants in the 16 hour HazCat Kit Training held this week. According to AS-EPA, the “HazCat kit would enable our inspectors to conduct chemical field identification tests in order...