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Taupau Tauileave Toluono with the construction staff
The OSHA, Safe+Sound Week, Aug 10-16, is an annual event to encourage employers to implement workplace safety initiatives as well as highlight workers’ contributions to improving safety. Pentagon Samoa the only American Samoa company to participate in OSHA’s annual nationwide event, provided safety...
teachers receive their certificates
Pavaiai Elementary School teachers have completed their Google Classroom training that was held for 4 weeks at the school in preparation for the new school year 2020-2021. ASDOE plans to utilize in-class and virtual learning to meet the academic requirements for students. Those who participated...
TAOA exercise group at SSY gym
One of the exercise programs set up by “Slimmer Stronger You”” (SSY) gym in Tafuna for senior citizens and others from the Territorial Administration on Aging (TAOA). Seen in this Samoa News photo earlier this week are the instructors and participants.  The exercise program titled — “Never Give Up...
Vailoatai Choir, church and traditional leaders pose in the church
CCCAS Vailoatai Choir celebrates 90th Birthday! Vailoatai church and traditional leaders pictured last Sunday with members of the CCCAS Vailoatai choir after a church service, which included a celebration of 90-years since the CCCAS Vailoatai choir was first established. [photo: Leua Aiono Frost]  
Condition of Solaita baseball stands
A local resident went to watch his grandchildren play baseball recently and was shocked at the condition of the baseball structures at Tafuna. “The fields were manicured but the stands and fencing needed urgent repair, the structures have obviously been neglected over the years,” according to the...
Progress on the western district youth center
Residents on the western side of Tutuila are wondering when this ASG project — the youth center for the western side, next to the Office of Motor Vehicle in Tafuna —will be completed, as contractor for the project, Nana's Construction is also involved with other pressing ASG projects.  [photo: FS]
Array of yummy food with young ladies serving
O Lila Ioane i Aunu’u ma lana salati fuala’au aina ma fa’alifu talo matagofie, ae maise o lana mea’ai na tapena e tele i fuala’au ‘aina. Aulelei le fanau teine e faia le laulauga.  [ata: Leua Aiono Frost]
Mrs. Faalafi-Jones with Mrs. Sereima Asifoa
The American Samoa Community College recently held a recognition ceremony for Mrs. Elisapeta Faalafi-Jones (left), who has retired from ASCC after 44 years of service. Seen here congratulating Mrs. Faalafi-Jones is Mrs. Sereima Asifoa, head of the College’s Human Resources Office. See a more...
Artifacts uncovered on Guam
Magua, GUAM — A legal instrument has been invoked in Guam that could lead to the US military delaying the creation of a firing range and financing an archaeological survey. It follows the discovery of an ancient burial ground last month on land being developed for a new base for Marines transferred...
New TAOA building at dawn
A look at the current status of the Territorial Administration on Aging compound next to Tasi Street at Tafuna, as the sun rises in the horizon around 6:35a.m yesterday. [photo: FS]