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ASCC Land Grant program introduces the symbol of the Con-Con

Talanoa Lagafuaina and Tapaau

Pago Pago, AMERICAN SAMOA — Fifteen-year old Talanoa Lagafuaina is a young artist working with ASCC’s land grant program [and that is the program] that created the lali used during the Constitutional Review Committee meetings as a symbol or ‘logo’ for the deliberations. (This paragraph has been re-edited to clarify that the land grant program created the lali.  Samoa News in no way meant to imply Talanoa created the lali, which is probably older than he is.)

Lagafuaina will be creating additional artwork about American Samoa’s Constitution in a project supported by the “Friends of the Museum" and funded by the Amerika Samoa Humanities Council. The talented young artist recently met with Constitutional Review and Federal Relations executive director, Tapaau Dr. Dan Aga who has been working with the Review Committee in preparation for the Constitutional Convention in August.

In ancient times, the lali was used to warn villages about an approaching enemy or to announce meetings.

In modern times, it was used as a church bell.

(Samoa News points out it is also the symbol or ‘logo’ for our Samoan language section of the newspaper.)