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COOL STUFF: Toailoa Hula Bowl Saints

Marie, Mila, and Merlen Toailoa

Honolulu, HAWAII — Samoa News was not invited to cover the recent revival of the Hula Bowl College All-Star Game this week... but we are so well connected we did score the absolute ‘bestest’ human interest story.

Australian rugby player, Misiona Aiolupotea-Pei was actually just a Wellington Kiwi kid looking for a way to lift the college tuition burden off his Sapapali’i heritage dad.

Off to the Oz Gold Coast for a rugby career which morphed into an offer from Riverside Community College to play American gridiron. With no aiga Samoa in Riverside, Misiona’s father turned to Seventh Day Adventist missionary, Pastor Fred Toailoa.

Of course, Fred called his Riverside brother Mila and presto: fa’aSamoa magic... Misiona’s new fa’a aiga Riverside was new Mom Marie, new Dad Mila, and uce to da max Merlen.

After a year starring at Riverside CC, Misiona was offered a scholarship to play for the prestigious Washington State University in the big time Pac 12. Two years of superb play for the Cougars and Misiona is a Hula Bowl All-Star.

Because of work obligations, the Toailoa Family flew from LAX on the first flight Hula Bowl Sunday, returning on the last flight immediately after the game at 10:50p.m.
Fa’a Samoa, fa’a commitment mo le taimaiti.

Note: Marie is Archie Soliai’s sister; Mila is from Lauli’i, Samoa; and, Merlen is related to everybody and is an all around great guy.