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Cool Stuff: Unbelievable Equator Boy

Hawaiian Airlines Captain, Kevin Hardin, was happily surprised to meet Alton Halani Fa’asala, born ironically almost exactly 29 years ago, on a long ago flight Hardin flew to American Samoa.    [Photo by Barry Markowitz, 2/5/18]

The great joy of Hawaiian Airlines inaugural Airbus 330-200 flight to American Samoa was magnified a million times over for veteran pilot, Captain Kevin Hardin at the Governor’s Lounge reception — where he met Alton Halani Fa’asala and his parents. Who? And so? And the magical story goes….

On February 15, 1989, ten days shy of an exact 29 years, Alton Halani Fa’asala was born directly over the Equator on a HAL flight, Captain Hardin piloted.

Alton’s birth certificate was scribbled on the official flight plan. Yup you proudly show off your LBJ or Moto’otua Hospital birth certificate and our boy Alton one ups you with his flight plan birth certificate.

You can’t make this kind of story up… its way, way too cool. 

Alton is truly our first Cool Stuff, a Coolio Equator Boy at birth. He is our personal “International Man of Mystery”.

So… Alton, where were you born? When you achieve great things in life where do they build the monument?  Do you represent American Samoa, Samoa or the whole Pacific in your next Olympic Games?  

Captain Hardin, Alton, parents Nick and Leatumauga Fa’asala enjoyed a beautiful reunion that seemed to seal the wonderful re-energized relationship between the American Samoa Government, and Hawaiian Airlines.

The momentum of this relationship mainly appears to favor you, the traveling public.   

Check the pages of Samoa News because… drum roll please… we will publish Alton's official flight plan birth certificate in the next few days.

Alton, you are truly a blessing to us all.