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Fagasa native, far away from home, reaches out to his family

Jake Tagaloa with a mask and gloves protecting himself and others from the virus
compiled by staff

ON THE CRUISESHIP 'PRIDE OF AMERICA' — Jake Tagaloa from the village of Fagasa, is reaching out to let his family know they are loved and missed and he is okay. Jake who is a firefighter working on the cruise ship 'The Pride of America' contacted Samoa News over the weekend asking for our help.

“Since we are facing a global pandemic of the on going COVID-19, I can’t reach out to my family back home and I’m pretty sure they’re worried,” he emailed Samoa News.

He also said he is the only Samoan on the ship.

Here is Jake’s message to his family:

To my loved family,

Short and simple, I miss you. We are hundreds of miles apart and I only see you every other 7 to 10 months. I wish there was a way to make us physically closer or able to see each other more often.

Although Facebook is huge part of us keeping in touch and call each other to catch up but Coast Guard regulations, we can’t use Facebook for security reasons. The laughter and fun of being around each other is something that I miss out on a lot but I immensely enjoy it and try to take as much of it in when I do get to be with you all (hopefully sooner).

I always look forward to seeing all of you especially my kids because it doesn’t happen nearly as often as I wish it could. I know you’re all worried as the COVID -19 spreads non stop, I want you to all know that I’m ok.

Things are pretty much hectic right now...if you’re reading this message please keep praying for me as things are not going to get any better soon. I will not be expecting to leave the ship soon as expected. I had to stay and help out to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

To my mom, dad, wife and my beautiful kids—-“I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH”