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Alleged ’Peeping Tom’ in Malaeimi is arrested and charged

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He says he was invited; the victim says otherwise

Pago Pago, AMERICAN SAMOA — A male, 21, being accused of walking around his neighborhood peeking into people’s homes and calling females by different names has been arrested and charged with public peace disturbance and underage drinking.

Faamanatu Avei made his initial appearance before District Court Judge Elvis P. Patea, where he was told that he has to pay a $100 bond before he could be released from custody.

If he can pay up, Avei is ordered to stay away from the homes of the families that were allegedly affected by his actions.

According to the government, it was around 1:17 a.m. on Feb. 13th that a woman from Malaeimi called the Tafuna Substation to report a man walking around the neighborhood peeking into homes.

Officers who responded to the call noticed a young man - later identified as Avei - walking on the road near the area where the call originated.

While officers were talking to Avei, another male approached them aggressively and informed them that this was the guy who peeked into their home and called out to his wife to come out and make love to him.

Avei was immediately placed in the police unit for safety reasons while investigators interviewed the witness who said it was his wife who called police, because Avei had followed his 17-year- old niece to their house.

According to the witness, instead of leaving, Avei peeked into their home until he chased him away.

When asked about the 17-yr-old girl, Avei told police he met her at a party and she had asked him to come by her house and hang out. But when police questioned the teen, she confirmed that she saw Avei at a party, but she doesn't know where he's from or who he is. She denied inviting him over to her house to hang out.

During questioning, police detected a strong odor of alcohol on Avei, whose next court appearance is Mar. 6th.