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Another case of ‘victim’ arrested after assault of ‘perpetrator’ discovered

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Pago Pago, AMERICAN SAMOA — On Sept. 18th, 2020, a man who identified himself as Viali Anesone called the Tafuna Police Substation (TPS) and requested police assistance at his home in Fogagogo. Four police officers answered the call.  During their conversation, the officers tried to calm down the defendant as he seemed very upset.

Anesone told the officers that he had just gotten back from work and found out that his house has been burglarized. The back window was damaged and items were stolen from inside the house. He further stated that he had already confronted a young man who lived not far from his house and who had admitted to him that he and his two friends entered his house while he was at work.

As officers were speaking to Anesone, a young woman approached and told the officers that Anesone assaulted her 22-year-old brother and he was bleeding from his head and nose.

Anesone was immediately handcuffed by police and placed inside a police unit for his safety and was later transported to the TPS for further investigation, during which Anesone admitted that he had assaulted the young man after the defendant discovered that he and two other juveniles had unlawfully entered his house and stole his property. Items stolen included a laptop, clothes, pairs of shoes, cell phone and $83 cash that was on the table inside the bedroom.

Anesone further told police that this is not the first time this young man burglarized his house. He recalled another incident two months ago while he was at work, the same person broke inside his house in the early morning by tearing out the screen wire from the side window.

According to Anesone, nothing was stolen at that time, because his girlfriend who was sleeping inside the house, yelled out to the thief to get out of the house.