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ASG returns to 80 hour pay period with new overtime policies

With the Executive Branch executive workforce returned to full 80 hours per pay period, Gov. Lolo Matalasi Moliga has set by executive order overtime and compensatory time policies - which has been a challenge for the governor over the years in controlling overtime and comp-time.

During a cabinet meeting last week, the governor announced the executive order, which went into effect on Oct. 2nd, that sets the administration’s overtime and comp-time.

In the three-page executive order, the governor explained that the continual incurring of overtime and comp-time has an effect on efforts to stabilize and manage ASG’s financial condition.

He says one of the major factors contributing to this persistent failure to manage overtime and componsatory time is the lack of commitment of directors and management staff of some government agencies to diligently address the issue and take necessary steps to present its occurrence.

“The taking of an extreme step became necessary early this year in the form of reduction in working hours as a partial consequence of some directors’ failure to control the payment of unnecessary and unbudgeted overtime,” he said adding that as of Oct. 1st - which is the start of the new fiscal year 2018 - all ASG employees return to the stand 40 hours workweek.

“This decision requires the establishment of effective controls over the incurring of overtime and compensatory time,” the governor said and noted that to accomplish this objective, establish policies to regulate and control the incurring of overtime and the incurring and treatment of compensatory time.

Details this week.