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ASPA plans to replace old inefficient streetlights with LED lights

Photos of light,bulb and fixture plus a close up of bulb

Pago Pago, AMERICAN SAMOA — ASPA plans to replace all 6,000 old inefficient streetlights around the territory with new low wattage LED streetlights. There are already some installed along the Industrial Park & Lions Park road. Some will have 2 bulbs for main roads and most will be single bulbs, for residential and back roads. 

ASPA applied for and was awarded a DOI Grant to replace all theses lights at no extra cost to their customers. If you have an existing streetlight at your house or location, ASPA will be replacing it very soon.

These lights will last longer and are virtually indestructible. The new lights include the whole fixture, bulbs and aluminum arms.

ASPA hopes to start the project in April 2020 and to have them all up by the end of the summer 2020.