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ASPA warns public to take precautions around any power lines

ASPA Satala power plant

Pago Pago, AMERICAN SAMOA — With American Samoa in the middle of the cyclone season — with several days of strong winds and heavy rain in the past days — the American Samoa Power Authority, reminds the public that “overhead power lines are energized and dangerous.  Take precautions when around any power lines.”

ASPA offered safety tips when “you are working around or under power lines” to ensure everyone’s safety. For example, always look up and around for power lines before starting any harvesting of fruits — such as picking breadfruit and coconuts — or tree trimming activity.

“If any part of the tree is touching overhead power lines, the tree may be energized and you should not touch it,” ASPA warned.

Another tip, is the “10-foot rule” — meaning, always keep your body and any ladders, fruit picker rods and sticks at least 10 feet away from overhead power lines.

Additionally, never trim trees that have power lines going through them or trees that may have fallen onto power lines. Call ASPA at 699-1234 and request tree removal or trimming.

And if a person comes in contact with a power line, “assume the line is STILL energized and dangerous,” said ASPA. Stay clear and warn others to keep away. It is important to call ASPA to de-energize the line for safety.

“Power lines can be energized without warning; treat power lines including fallen lines as LIVE at all times,” the power authority said and emphasized, “Follow the 10-foot rule and do not attempt to free any animals or objects caught or trapped in power lines.” Call ASPA customer service 699-1234.