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ASTCA not affected by recent ASPA power outage

ASTCA building
Source: ASTCA media release

Pago Pago, AMERICAN SAMOA — ASTCA services were not affected by ASPA’s November 17 power outage. Unfortunately, customers without battery back-up or generators were unable to use their land-line (dial-tone) telephones and broadband internet. Mobile customers were not affected, except in the village of Poloa.

When the ASPA power went off on Tutuila’s west side early in the morning of Nov. 17, ASTCA switched to utility scale battery back-up at approximately ten locations. Soon after the ASPA power outage began, standby generators came on line at five critical ASTCA sites.

All generators remained in operation until ASPA power was restored. ASTCA personnel on the emergency response rotation were called out Sunday morning and continued their duties until all power was restored, to ensure that ASTCA services remained operational.

The following ASTCA services suffered no interruption: ASTCA’s own phone system (699-3000), fixed line telephones, broadband internet, and both mobile networks (CDMA and LTE).

However, ASTCA land-line (dial-tone) and broadband internet can only be used by customers whose ONT (Optical Network Terminals) have power. When ASPA is down, that power must come from the customer’s own battery back-up or generator. A typical battery back-up (available for sale from local merchants) would provide about 1-3 hours of power for an ONT.

ASTCA continues to take steps to ensure uninterrupted telecommunication services are available during power outages and disasters.

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