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Congratulations to LBJ’s pharmacy techs — They are certified

Alexarae Tarrant, Aialani Foster, Leiama Fano, Maturi Leilua and Jocelyn Lemisio

Pago Pago, AMERICAN SAMOA — LBJ Medical Center announced yesterday that it’s proud to recognize the pharmacy for their most recent achievement.  In late December of 2019, five pharmacy employees (pictured) challenged the U.S. National Certification exam for pharmacy technicians and they ALL PASSED.

LBJ congratulated pharmacy team members:  Alexarae Tarrant, Aialani Foster, Leiama Fano, Maturi Leilua and Jocelyn Lemisio. “They dedicated their time after work to attend classes as well as training during the workday in order to prepare for this difficult U.S. certification exam,” LBJ said in a statement.  They now join six other technicians at LBJ who were certified 5 years ago.

One focus by hospital chief executive officer, Faumuina John Faumuina “is to build local capacity for the hospital” and the pharmacy department “has been one of the successful departments to take heed in prioritizing this into their mission.”

LBJ explained that In order to maintain this U.S. license (CPht), the pharmacy technicians must complete continuing education requirements every two years.  The pharmacy technician certified board (PTCB) will review each licensee to ensure they complete the requirements in order to keep up with the constant changes in healthcare.

“In today’s healthcare system, pharmacy technicians play an integral role in supporting the pharmacy practitioners in all practice settings,” the statement says. “They must have a broad clinical knowledge background in order to assist pharmacists in dispensing medications safely.  PTCB-certified pharmacy technicians will be heavily relied upon to help pharmacists advance patient care and safety in all aspects of pharmacy operations.”

LBJ was able to achieve this latest milestone with funds from the Interior Department’s Technical Assistance Program (TAP). The pharmacy curriculum was taught by  local LBJ pharmacists after hours.