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Congresswoman Aumua mourns John McCain’s passing

Aumua Amata with Senator John McCain.

Pago Pago, AMERICAN SAMOA — Congresswoman Aumua Amata released the following statement in honor of the heroic life of Senator John McCain:

"I first met Senator McCain in 2000, when he made his initial run for President. Although American Samoa had Republican convention delegate votes beginning in 1992, Sen. McCain was the first candidate to really make a pitch for them."

"When he made his second run in 2008, he sought American Samoa's support and I was proud to be a McCain delegate at the convention that year in Minnesota."

“Senator John McCain served our country for his entire adult life. He is among the leading statesmen of our era, and as historians examine his remarkable story years in the future, his legacy will stand the test of time. He was a public servant, a military hero, an independent-minded Senator, and a leader beyond the limits of a political party. He was chosen in 2008 as the  Republican standard bearer for the nation’s highest office, and campaigned with integrity. His life was defined always by his sense of duty, instilled in him in the United States Navy, and tempered by his ordeal as a prisoner of war. As the nation remembers him now, we are comforted by the knowledge he was a man of faith. May God bless the McCain family, the people of Arizona, and this great country that he served.