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Court Report

Translated by Samoa News staff


A man accused of assaulting his wife by punching her in the face, pulling her hair and shoving her down, all in front of the couple’s children, made his initial appearance in District Court yesterday where he is charged with two misdemeanor counts of third degree assault and public peace disturbance.

The wife allegedly told police this is not the first time her husband had abused her in front of their children, according to court information.

The alleged assault occurred Wednesday as a result of an argument between the couple. Court information states that the wife didn’t want to call police but it was the neighbors who contacted police and it was also the neighbors who encouraged her to tell police what has been happening to her all this time —allegedly being abused by her husband.

While released on his own recognizance, the court ordered the defendant to find another place to stay while his case is before the court and not to make any direct or indirect contact with his wife and children. The defendant’s next court appearance is early next month.

To protect the victim, Samoa News does not identify the defendant by name.


Twenty-four year  old John Manoa, who was found by police sleeping inside another family’s home in Leone, has been charged with two misdemeanor counts of public peace disturbance and trespassing. Each count is punishable by up to six months in jail, a fine of $500 or both.

On the morning of Oct. 15, police were called by a man saying there was a drunk male who allegedly had broken into one of his family’s houses and slept there. Upon arriving at the scene, police officers approached the defendant and observed beer bottles beside where Manoa laid. Manoa then began yelling in a loud manner complaining about why he was being taken into custody, according to court information, which also states the defendant resisted arrest for a few seconds but cooperated afterwards.

The homeowner told police there were several incidents in the past, which involved the defendant breaking into one of the family’s cars and stealing some items, but it was never reported to police. The man said that he had told the defendant not to trespass on the family land or come near their home anymore.

However, the man says he and his wife discovered that on the morning of Oct. 15 the defendant damaged the doors and broke into one of the houses and slept there the night before. The man further told police that he tried to wake the defendant but he was very intoxicated and was yelling, which is why the police were finally called.

The defendant made his initial appearance early this week in District Court and was released on his own recognizance. However, the court ordered the defendant to stay away from the family’s property in Leone. His next court hearing is set for Nov. 3.


Police are looking for one more young man who was involved in an incident early this week in Pavaiai, while another young man — twenty-two year old Paea Paea — was taken into custody and made his initial appearance in District Court on Tuesday where he was charged with misdemeanor public peace disturbance.

According to court information, it was on the early evening hours of Oct. 17 that police were contacted for assistance regarding several males fighting near a woman’s home.

Upon arrival at the scene, bystanders told police that two kids who started the fight had fled and that the pair started yelling out profanities and making unreasonable noise. Thereafter some unknown male residents of Pavaiai went over and started beating the two young men up — and one of them was Paea, who was then taken into custody.

Paea has been released on his own recognizance, with the court warning him to keep peace and harmony in the village and not to commit any crime. He returns to court on Nov. 3.