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DOH Breast Cancer Awareness team visits Manu’a for the first time

Olosega Elementary School teachers and DoH staff

Olosega Manu'a, AMERICAN SAMOA —The need for breast cancer prevention and control and early detection is important for all of American Samoa. This is the first time that the Department of Health's Breast & Cervical Cancer Program visited the Manu’a Islands for a Breast Cancer Awareness Outreach.

The disparities of the Manu’a people have been unequal access to health care screening, diagnosis, and treatment care because it is a medically underserved district, that requires traveling to Tutuila or the U.S.

The Manu’atele Community is appreciative to all the wonderful public health warriors from DOH Breast & Cervical Cancer Program. “We pray that this important outreach and awareness campaign visit is continued every year. We hope you enjoyed your first visit to Manu’a.”

DOH staff responded saying, “Thank you Olosega Elementary School teachers and a few of the ladies from Ofu for joining our outreach program. Early Detection Saves Lives!"