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Executive order amends the American Samoa Shipyard Services Authority

Carlos Sanchez

Pago Pago, AMERICAN SAMOA — Through a Feb. 8th executive order, Gov. Lemanu Peleti Palepoi Sialega Mauga amended provisions of the 2011 executive order, made by then-Gov. Togiola T.A. Tulafono that established the American Samoa Shipyard Services Authority.

The amended order, which is also effective on Feb. 8th, changes the composition of the Shipyard Authority’s board of directors and appoints its executive director.

As previously reported by Samoa News, the governor in a Jan. 19th memorandum appointed 10 board members, followed by a Feb. 8th memo appointing local businessman Carlos Sanchez as the new executive director and also appoints the 11th member of the board.

According to Feb. 8th executive order, the governor appoints the executive director, who serves at the pleasure of the governor. Compensation for the executive director, who will also be the chief executive officer, shall be set by the board of directors.

According to the order, the executive director appoints and prescribes compensation for the deputy executive director and the finance manager, who will perform duties assigned by the executive director subject to all applicable laws and rules, the by laws of the Shipyard Authority and directions of the board.

It also says that all officers and employees of the Shipyard Authority — other than the executive director, deputy director and the finance manager —will be appointed and compensated in accordance with the requirements of the government employee laws under Title 7 of the American Samoa Code Annotated.

However, the board may adopt administrative rules to supplant government employee laws and rules in the specific categories of personnel recruitment, employment, termination of employee services, disciplinary actions, and compensation.

The order also sets the number of board members at eleven, who are appointed by the governor. At least two of the directors shall be experienced in the management of shipyards and/ or sea-going vessels, at least one shall have a financial background, and at least one shall have a legal background.