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First tax refunds for 2019 tax year set for release

ASG Treasurer Ueligitone P. Tonumaipe’a

Pago Pago, AMERICAN SAMOA — The first refund checks for tax year 2019, of more than $1.3 million — for those who qualify for refunds — is scheduled for release later this week. A majority of those getting the first round of refunds are cannery workers, who usually file early.

In a brief statement yesterday, ASG Treasurer Ueligitone P. Tonumaipe’a said that refunds for all 2019 taxes filed between Jan. 1-23, 2020 are included in batches #1 to #3, and will be released this Friday, Mar. 6th.

Of the total of more than $1.38 million in tax refunds, $404,831.44 is from locally collected funds and $982,253.00 is for the Additional Child Tax Credit, which is funded by the US Internal Revenue Service.

Tonumaipe’a reminded tax filers to always remember their filing date and batch number, as this is how tax refunds are disbursed. For questions, please call Tax Office at 633-4181.

Early release this year’s tax refunds is expected to be welcomed by those who are expecting refunds.

Last year, the first batch of 2018 tax refunds didn’t come out until April 12 and then only for local refunds not the ACTC — which was put on hold, until mid May 2019 due to changes in the federal 2017 Tax Cut and Jobs Act that modified the law regarding claiming the ACTC.

Before last year, the tax refunds were usually released the later part of February or early March.

Meanwhile, the Tax Office reminds local tax payers that the deadline to file 2019 taxes is Apr. 15th.