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Gov issues workforce “Declaration of Appreciation and Gratitude”

Past Workforce Appreciation Day photos

Pago Pago, AMERICAN SAMOA — In his “Declaration of Appreciation and Gratitude” to American Samoa’s workforce, both private and public sectors, Gov. Lolo Matalasi Moliga — in his last year in office —  cited the current coronavirus pandemic as the reason for cancelation of the annual ASG-sponsored workforce appreciation day or Employee Appreciation Day implemented by the governor after taking office in 2013.

According to the governor, it is an indisputable fact that a happy, excited, motivated and a secure employee adds great value to business and government organizations as he/she directly impacts the quality of services rendered to the public and influences the cost of providing the service or product which increases profits for the businesses and maximizes the use of limited public funds with respect to public benefits engendered.

The governor notes that it has been realized since the outset of the Lolo-Lemanu administration that any investment to improve the value of an employee with regard to building and enhancing his/her skill-sets by constant exposure to training opportunities ensures and prepares the territory for a secure and prosperous future.

And it was thoroughly understood at the start of the administration that the importance and value of an employee to the success and continued development of the business community and the effectiveness of government, needs to be constantly articulated and made clearly known to the employees, the declaration says.

On Aug. 30, 2013 the administration established the first-ever “Employee Appreciation Day”, engaging employees of ASG, the federal government and private sector in fun-filled activities on the Friday prior to the Labor Day holiday.

For seven-consecutive years since the inauguration of this annually celebrated employee appreciation event, Lolo said, this celebration “has become an iconic event because we have subscribed to the ideal, conviction, and belief, that the future economic and social development of American Samoa is dependent on each and every worker, be it for wages or self-sufficiency gains, and this message must be conveyed loudly and vociferously to the workers in a manner and fashion that can truly be felt by them in terms [of] genuineness and sincerely.”

However, the governor said, the “deadly effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have given rise to the sad decision to suspend this iconic event this year.”

On behalf of the leaders of the Legislature and Judicial branches, as well as all business owners, and faith-based organizations, the governor extends to all employees of the territory “our thanks, appreciation and profound gratitude for being a reliable, a high performing, a role model, a team player, an accommodator, a committed employee and making us feel privileged to have worked closely with all of you to improve the lives of our people of yesterday, today, and tomorrow”.

Although the Employee Appreciation Day has been suspended, “our gratefulness, our indebtedness, our thankfulness and our appreciation wages on, and our fervent prayer is that God continues to reward each of you a hundredfold for all the efforts you have put forth to make American Samoa the best place to live in freedom and in peace,” the governor concluded.