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Governor gives special remarks at the Tafuna High School graduation

Governor, first lady and others at graduation ceremony
Governor's Office press release

Pago Pago, AMERICAN SAMOA — Gov. Lemanu Peleti Mauga delivered special remarks Wednesday at the Tafuna High School graduation held at the Tafuna High School gymnasium. 

"Graduates, today is the beginning of a new chapter in your lives.  Today is a reminder of where your next journey will lead you.  Some of you may not know yet, but that is ok.  Today you will reflect and remember your life goals, dreams, aspirations that fuel all of us in the heart.  These bring a focus or a deeper meaning of where you are headed next.   It should inspire us to share our gifts with the world.  Please do not neglect the fact that you are from a small Territory and have less to give to the world.  Do not think less of where you come from and if you will make a difference.  Do not ever have that mentality," stated Governor Lemanu.

He reminded the graduates never to forget where they come from and always represent Samoa with how they walk, talk, and act. He continued, "When you get off-island or off to your next endeavor, some may not know how to pronounce your name.  Some will not know the geographic location of Samoa, and some will ask you why your accent is different.  It is your job to educate them and teach them that you are Samoan."

Governor Lemanu said, "What we desire to create warms our hearts.  Fires up our resolve and clarifies our minds going forward, with a vision that rests in your heart.   Your many paths will lead to doors that you will always expect to be left open for you.  Upon these doors, you will knock and knock.  You will use sticks and rocks.  You might even try kicking it in, but the doors will remain closed.  So then we get angry, frustrated, and feel like giving up.  But that is the truth about life. Not all paths will lead to open doors but instead will challenge you.  So you must be patient and push forward.  Be patient with your journey, and through the adversity, you will persevere."

In closing, he stated, "Your generation has many Blessings to be proud of.  But of these, the FaaSamoa has taught you more about yourselves than you could ever imagine.  It has molded your unique identity and will make you different from the youth who live off-island.  It teaches you respect, love, and humility.  It teaches you self-discipline.  It teaches you how to be a model citizen.  This will help you stand out when you leave our island.  And I challenge you.  I challenge you to enlighten the world on who you are and where you are from."

Governor Lemanu is scheduled to be the keynote speaker at the Fagaitua High School graduation, today June 10th, 2021.