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Heavy rains aggravate drainage trouble spots

Large pool of stagnant water near Hope House and in front of the cemetery in Ottoville

Pago Pago, AMERICAN SAMOA — Another round of heavy rain left behind stagnant water near Hope House and in front of the cemetery in Ottoville.

And the large pool of water got higher and wider early yesterday morning following yet more heavy rain. This large pool of water has been this way for months, preventing cars from driving through.

Two days ago Rep. Larry Sanitoa, on behalf of Hope House, Montessori School and many residents who live in the Ottoville area, wrote to ASPA acting executive director Wallon Young requesting any assistance ASPA can provide to drain the stagnant water by Hope House.

“It has been months now since Department of Public Works came out and tried to drain the water to the adjacent area,” he explained. “As you know, their vacuum truck has been down since May and unfortunately there has been no update to my many inquiries on the status of this important equipment.”

“With the flu season upon us and given the number of residents at Hope House with medical conditions, the stagnant water has become a very serious health issue for the residents and children at the Montessori school,” he said.

The Tualauta faipule understands that ASPA has several ongoing projects at the moment but he petitioned Young for “any assistance with your vacuum truck/Honey wagon or recommendation would be greatly appreciated.”