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House Speaker advises Vice Speaker to wear a mask or not be there

Savali Talavou Ale (left) is seen wearing a face mask speaking to the Vice Speaker of the House, Fetu Fetui Jr (right)

Pago Pago, AMERICAN SAMOA — “Your Honorable Vice Speaker, if you don’t wear a mask tomorrow (today), you shouldn’t come to the House Session. We, as leaders, must set good examples to our people by complying with the restrictions set by our leaders.”

This was the strong message from Speaker of the House Savali Talavou Ale to the Vice Speaker of the House Fetu Fetui Jr. during the House Session yesterday morning.

Fetu was the only faipule who did not wear a face mask yesterday during the House Session when the Fono reconvened.

During the house session, Savali advised Fetu to put on his face mask.

Samoa News should point out that all other faipule, fono staff and also media personnel present inside the House chamber wore face masks.

In response, Fetu said he’s exercising his constitutional rights.

“If that is your response and your opinion, you should not be in the chamber this morning (yesterday morning),” Savali fired back.

Fetu was silent for few seconds before he replied back, “Okay, I will wear my face mask after the session.”

During the House announcements, Rep. Andra Samoa also advised Fetu to wear his face mask.

When he got his chance to address members of the House, Fetu apologized for not wearing a face mask.

“I feel sorry when I look at you wearing face masks, it looks like we’re people from outer space.”

At the end, it was Savali who advised Fetu to wear a face mask. He reminded Fetu that everyone — including lawmakers are under the restrictions from the Governor’s declaration and they should set a good example for the people by wearing their face masks.