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It took a lot of help, and now Mesepa Road project almost completed

Road work at Mesepa

Pago Pago, AMERICAN SAMOA — The almost completed road project at Mesepa — funded with local money under the Small Village Fund, which is included under the Governor’s Special Program, is designed to solve the water run off problem in the area.

“This road is literally not possible to drive through after every heavy downpour due to the runoff water,” Rep. Larry Sanitoa wrote on Tuesday to Silia Time, who manages the Special Program at the Governor’s Office.

The Tualauta faipule explained that it was last year that he along with Mesepa resident, Alma Seu met with the Public Works Department engineering team at road-site to seek their help with designing drainage to address the runoff water.

The design was completed and submitted by Seu for a Land-use-permit.

Sanitoa said that all submissions for the drainage and road work were organized by Seu and other residents and he was able to provide them some bags of cement, mesh wire and lumber from the Small Village Fund materials that were leftover from another project up at Mapusaga Fou.

“The bulk of the materials and equipment were provided by the community members and families. A big fa'amalo and fa'afetai to Mr. Alma Seu and residents for their commitment and perseverance,” he said.

Sanitoa thanked Silia Time for her help in “getting the materials and supplies which enabled our residents and families throughout our district to work to improve their access roads and drainage.”

Time in response requested Sanitoa to provide a list of materials and supplies needed to actually complete the road project. Sanitoa said Seu will provide the list.

“Please know the residents and people are grateful for your leadership and service..  We are also very thankful to Governor Lolo for approving these funds to support these village projects.  Malo lava fa'afetai,” Sanitoa wrote yesterday morning to Time.