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Man who gave ‘grass’ to teens back in court

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Pago Pago, AMERICAN SAMOA — A man who is on probation for a drug conviction after giving marijuana cigarettes to two students to sell on the school campus in 2018 is now back in court for a probation violation.

Probationer, Moli Salua appeared in High Court last week for his preliminary examination after testing positive with methamphetamine (meth) while he was in custody.

A report by the Probation Office revealed that Salua was arrested at the beginning of November last year after he failed to comply with conditions of his 5-year probation given out by the court in December 2018.

Two weeks after he was taken into custody, a probation officer administered a random urinalysis test on the defendant on Dec. 16, 2021. The urinalysis test result was positive for meth. Furthermore, the defendant also admitted to Probation that he allegedly smoked meth while in custody.

Last week, the defendant’s defense attorney told the court that his client admitted to violating conditions of his probation by testing positive for meth. Defense attorney further stated to the court that his client is remorseful for his actions and asked for another chance.

Despite the fact that Salua admitted to the violation, his defense attorney said that his client would abide with court orders if he’s given one more chance. The request by the defense attorney did not sit well with the Court.

The court stated that during Salua’s sentencing in December of 2018, Salua was given a huge break by the court.

Despite the seriousness of his actions, the court gave him a chance to redeem himself by sentencing him to time served, which was over 11 months. The remaining 9 months of his 20 months period of detention was stayed by the court.

Salua is scheduled to appear in court next month for his Disposition Hearing.


Salua, a Samoa citizen who came to American Samoa in 2011 was originally charged with one count of unlawful possession of marijuana with the intent to distribute, a felony punishable by not less than five or more than ten years in jail, and a fine of not more than $20,000. However in a plea agreement with the government, he pled guilty to the amended charged of unlawful possession of marijuana.

Salua admits that on December 1, 2018, he gave 4 marijuana joints to a student to sell to other people, including students.

The court sentenced Salu to 5 years probation on the condition that he serve 20 months at the TCF without release, and he was credited for time served, which was over 11 months. The remaining 9 months was stayed based on his good behavior.

Upon release, he was to immediately depart the territory and stay away for the remaining period of probation. However, the court stayed that condition, based on Salua’s good behavior.

“You’re not going to depart the territory and go back to Samoa; however, if you fail to comply with conditions of your probation, the court will revisit this condition in the future. So, don’t take advantage of the many chances you have had, but use them,” the court told Salua at the time.