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Measles Emergency Declaration extended for two more weeks

Gov. Lemanu P.S. Mauga
Samoa issues advisory lifting vax mandate for travelers from the territory

Pago Pago, AMERICAN SAMOA — Gov. Lemanu P. S. Mauga has extended for two-weeks until June 8 the Measles Emergency Declaration, under a new declaration dated May 24 that supersedes the original declaration issued last month as well as amendments.  The initial declaration expired on May 24.

Meanwhile, the government of Samoa has issued an updated travel advisory for passengers from American Samoa entering Samoa.

The new declaration, released yesterday morning by the Governor’s Office, noted that the Health director has confirmed that there is an outbreak of Measles in the territory with 2 laboratory confirmed cases and more than 52 suspected/probable cases.

Additionally, vaccination coverage has increased in elementary schools, high schools, early childhood education and daycare centers. Furthermore, more than 2,000 doses of the vaccine have been administered during this measles outbreak.

And after peaks of new suspected probable cases on April 12 and April 24, the rate of new suspected cases has dropped.

For schools, the declaration states that all public or private early childhood education schools and all daycare and childcare facilities were reopened on May 16, while all public or private elementary schools, high schools and colleges were reopened on May 1.

All students, teachers, support staff attending in-person learning and childcare employees at daycare and childcare facilities, must be fully vaccinated with the MMR Vaccine, according to the declaration.

If required, schools will utilize online/ distance learning, and all authorities, departments and offices shall support the Department of Education to ensure that students have access to online/distance learning.

All other provisions of the original declaration remain in place. For example, any person who tests positive for measles should be issued a directive to isolate up to twenty- one days.

Also in place is that price gouging is prohibited during a state of emergency.

(Click on attachment below to download pdf of the declaration.)


Effective yesterday in Samoa, the new travel advisory issued this week by the Samoa government for passengers from American Samoa states: “Travelers are not required to show proof of vaccination.”

However, upon Arrival into Samoa, passengers are strongly advised to do the following:

•           All passengers are advised to wear face masks at all times and are strongly encouraged to take precautionary and preventative measures within the first seven days of arrival.

•           If you are experiencing any signs and symptoms such as fever, dry cough, redness or swelling in eyes or eyelids or watery eyes; sensitivity to light; runny nose, sneezing, reddish-brown rash that starts from the head and spreads throughout the whole body; feeling of tiredness and body aches, and loss of appetite, please seek medical attention immediately.

•           Passengers with the above signs and symptoms must submit to a Nasal pharyngeal Swab for PC testing upon request by Health Officials at the Airport.

•           Inform the Healthcare worker (Doctor, Nurse etc) of your recent travel history if you fell ill while in Samoa.

The Samoa Ministry of Health “appreciates your full cooperation and patience as we work together in preventing the spread of and minimizing the impact of infectious diseases in Samoa. We pray for your safe travel to Samoa,” the advisory says.