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Over $900,000 in tax refunds — batch #11 - released Friday

Photo of American Samoa Executive Office Building

Pago Pago, AMERICAN SAMOA —  More than $900,000 in tax refunds checks — Batch #11 – is scheduled to be released today, Friday, according to the ASG Treasury Department in a brief statement released Tuesday afternoon.

The statement originally stated that tax refunds were to be released Wednesday, but the Tax Office issued a follow-up notice saying that “due to some technical difficulties” refunds would be released Oct. 19, Friday.

Today’s total run of $904,992 — with $421,402 for local and $483,590 for the Additional Child Tax Credit (ACTC), which is funded by the US Internal Revenue Service — is for all tax filings between May 4th and Sept. 12th,

To date, ASG Treasury has issued tax refunds totaling more than $14.11 million — with over $6.44 million in local and more than $7.66 million in ACTC, according to the statement.

To assist taxpayers with tracking refunds, Treasury reminds tax filers to keep in mind their filing dates, as refund checks are disbursed accordingly. Questions or additional information, contact the Tax Office at 633-4181.