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Pala Lagoon Swimming Center

[Courtesy photo]
compiled by Samoa News staff

A sneak peek at the nearly completed Community Swimming Pool at Lions Park.

The funds for the project come from nearly 15 years worth of fundraising activities that include the Rotary Club's annual golf tournaments, private donations, and help from the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG).

“It will be a great place for kids as well as adults to have fun” said project designer Joe Weileman in an earlier interview in July.

Construction started a year ago and once it's open, the pool will serve as a multi-purpose environment for people looking to have fun, and as a place to teach people the proper way to swim, although it can also be used for therapy.

As an added bonus, the project also contains a pool suited for competition.

The pool, according to Wieleman, will be called, ‘The Pala Lagoon Swimming Center’.