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Samoana HS grads told to “walk in the future with faith”


Pago Pago, AMERICAN SAMOA — Paramount Builders is proud to sponsor coverage of all of the 2022 American Samoa High School Graduations, and wishes all graduates a successful journey into the future. Samoana High School had a highly competitive school year, awarding 14 Co-Valedictorians with GPAs of 4.0 and one Salutatorian during its’ commencement ceremony held on Monday, June 13, 2022.

A total of 154 students graduated from the Home of the Sharks. The event was held at the SHS gymnasium on the school’s campus.

"Our students deserve our Best.

"Take pride in how you've come, have faith in how far you can go, But don't forget to enjoy the Journey..." by Michael Josephson ... is the class of 2022’s theme for this year.

Honored guests included Congresswoman Uifa’atali Aumua Amata, who was able to journey to American Samoa to attend the commencement ceremonies of local graduates on their special day.

Reverend Mataio Fa'alenotu led the ceremony in prayer and thanksgiving and reminded the students to walk in the future with faith and they will succeed in their future goals. 

"Remember God in all you do, your decision making and he will lead you," said the Reverend. "Today is a testament to the hard work your parents put in the many years of your academics.

"Congratulations you did it!

“Take pride in how far you have come and have faith in how far you can go and don't forget to enjoy the journey," said Rev Fa'aletonu.

He also commended the teachers for their patience.

The principal of Samoana High School, Jemaina Te'o-Nafatali congratulated the class of 2022  — for it has been challenging.

She also acknowledged the investment by the Government in upgrading school buildings at the school to ensure students are learning in a clean and healthy environment. She also thanked the Samoana staff for their patience and support for the students.

“Graduates, in the past four years we started together and they were very challenging four years.

“During your time, there was the measles outbreak and then we had to stagger coming to school [with different schedules.]

"And then came Covid-19 which forced you all to learn from home, with all those challenges you came through and didn't back down. With all those obstacles you have overcome you are now ready to face any challenges in the World," Principal Te'o-Nafatali said.

Gov. Lemanu Peleti Mauga told the graduating class their term as youth/ teenagers has ended and it is time to enter adulthood and that comes with responsibilities. He acknowledged the parents for molding the future.

The governor also had the students stand up and turn around to look at their parents, while he continued.

"This graduation and your achievements wasn't something that you did alone, your parents played a huge role in where you are now.

"They have been your support system throughout the school year,” he said.

Lemanu led the graduating class in a thank you Samoan song, which saw some of the students getting emotional when singing to their parents.

He reminded the students of the core values of any Samoan —  "love and respect for your parents." Lemanu said parents taught us the way (the path) of life.

"If you remember your humble beginnings, your identity, and you are a Samoan, your faith will guide you to a better future.

“You have prepared for 18 years for what tomorrow comes. Graduating from high school closes on one chapter, but then it opens another chapter.

“Do not be scared you are chosen by God to be where you are now and allow Him to guide your way," said Governor.