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Sing-Along with local gospel artists in Pre-Thanksgiving gospel event

The Samoan Gospel Homecoming Singers last performed at the 20th AOG World Fellowship held in Samoa three months ago.   [Courtesy photo: Ana Harget)
Open invitation to all — especially candidates in upcoming election
Source: Samoan Gospel Homecoming Singers media release

Peseta UTA —Since it is election year, The Samoan Gospel Homecoming Singers have invited all gubernatorial teams, congressional hopefuls, and would-be faipules — as well as all incumbents — to join them on Wednesday, November 2 at the Lee Auditorium for a pre-Thanksgiving celebration. Incumbent Governor Lolo and First Lady Cynthia Moliga as well as Congresswoman Aumua Amata Coleman Radewagen are among the VIPs. The concert starts at 6p.m. The public is invited to attend. Admission is free.

“This is our way of supporting the candidates and their families,” said Poe Mageo, music director for the group. “It’s been a rollercoaster ride for most candidates, but on this night we want them to relax and sing along with audience and have a good time.

“Our message for the candidates is imbedded in the lyrics of the songs we’ll perform,” said Mageo. “We pray that the Holy Spirit will manifest peace and harmony that evening. There are tough times ahead, and our leaders need our prayers.”

This year the group has decided to feature songs, which promote the importance of family. Songs such as ‘Getting Used to the Family of God,’ (Gaither) and ‘Alofa i Ou Tuaoi’ (S.Kurene) would be featured. ‘Me and My House,’ a song made famous by the Heritage Singers and The Katinas in the late 80s, will be the theme song. 

The concert will also feature singing families within the group like the Ponausuia Family from Aua; the Max Haleck Jr. Family (also known as The Harvest Time Singers); the Cornerstone Trio, and the Paaga Family.  Veteran gospel artists like Violet Richmond, Toe To’oto’o, and Mose Katina would join the celebration while John Marsh and Vickie Haleck offer inspirational readings.  Talented local artists will share the stage as guest performers. 

Accompanying the singers would be the Strings of Psalms from Calvary Temple AOG Lepuapua. 

Rev. Dr. Paloto Mageo of CCCJS-Pago Pago will offer words of encouragement before the finale.