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Some ASG agencies are expediting ‘social distancing’ — others are not

Top photo no social distancing, bottom photo social distancing

Pago Pago, AMERICAN SAMOA — In the top photo as seen in this montage, residents who flocked to tents set up at the Pago Pago DYWA parking lot for COVID-19 vaccinations yesterday at around 8a.m. were seen sitting very closely to one another. The tent seating seems to be set up for this ‘crowding’ situation — where social distancing is clearly not being practiced.

In the other photo, social distancing was clearly observed along with wearing face masks when Samoa News visited the DHSS ASNAP office yesterday morning in Utulei, where food stamps were being distributed, according to schedule.

The Task Force is allowing the public to gather for food stamp distribution, under the condition that only 100 people per day are allowed at the office, and they must wear face masks and practice social distancing. Samoa News observed police officers on site, and food stamp employees dealing with the public were wearing protective gear. 

The ASNAP office that distributes the food stamps coupons is urging people to watch a short video clip on their Facebook page and is “kindly asking the public to follow the process as demonstrated in the video when coming over to the office to retrieve your food coupons.” It’s a great video and shows you exactly how to conduct yourself when picking up your food coupons.

[photos: AF]