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Spreading Holiday Cheer

Gov. Lemanu P.S. Mauga delivering gift to a child patient at LBJ

Pago Pago, AMERICAN SAMOA — In the spirit of Christmas, Governor Lemanu P.S. Mauga and the First Lady, Ella Mauga, along with a few Cabinet members and staff, visited several institutions to spread holiday cheer and share the festive season's joy.

On Wednesday, Gov Lemanu was at the LBJ Tropical Medical Center distributing gifts and expressing gratitude to healthcare workers.

This week they also visited the Fatuoaiga Hope House where Governor Lemanu shared remarks with the residents, acknowledging their role as parents and expressing gratitude for their daily contributions.

“You are our parents. You have walked the path before us, giving us the blessings today because of your work each day.”

He added, “As representatives of the government, we extend our love to you during this Christmas season, the season of love. We rely on the Lord for strength.”

During the visit, Governor Lemanu presented a donation of $20,000 to Bishop Kolio Etuale Tumanuvao for the Fatuoaiga Hope House. The First Lady also distributed gift baskets to patients at Hope House.

Bishop Tumanuvao expressed heartfelt gratitude, stating, "We have witnessed the love of God this morning. We appreciate your service; behind the service is the foundation of love."

Quoting Cardinal Pio, Bishop Tumanuvao highlighted the importance of caring for the elderly, especially during the holiday season. He encouraged everyone to follow the example of St. Nicholas, emphasizing the spirit of love, particularly for those in need.

Bishop Tumanuvao gave the Christmas message: "Christmas makes all of us beautiful! The message for this Christmas is to be acknowledged. Visit your neighbors who are closer. Why go far, look near."

The gift presentations concluded at the Tafuna Correctional Facility and the Juvenile Detention Center, where the Office of the Governor extended their warm wishes and shared the spirit of Christmas with residents