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StarKist Samoa 2021 tragic accident still a dark memory

Mrs Fetu Vili
Wife of one of the three men involved still reels from her husband’s death

Pago Pago, AMERICAN SAMOA — It will be Father’s Day in less than two weeks in the territory, but Fetu Vili still reels from the death of her husband in 2021 in front of the StarKist Samoa. Levao Ierome Vili was one of the three men that were killed from a tragic car accident at Satala in the early hours of December, 18, 2021.

The other three victims of the same tragedy were, Taumaoe Filipo, Faasaulala Ahoni and Alatina Faleasi, all employees of StarKist Samoa who were in the way of the crashing vehicle Mrs. Vili told Samoa News. 

The driver and passenger of the speeding vehicle survived. 

Her husband died at the site of the accident as a result of the speeding vehicle that rammed into another car, killing him right there, as well as the three others.

 “Home for me is never the same without the father of my children,” said Mrs Vili in an interview with Samoa News.

 “The wound is still fresh and still a lot to process as it’s only been a year and half ago when the tragic accident unexpectedly took him away from us.”

Mrs Vili resides in Pago Pago with her family, and is a Deacon, Sunday School Teacher, and Treasurer for the Women’s Ministry AOG. She works at a restaurant in town.

The widow told Samoa News this week since the passing of her husband she is now the mother and father to her children.

 “I had to get a job to feed my family. I have to play the father figure and tend to my husband’s role.

 Mrs Vili said her husband was working as a Security Guard for the fish cannery, StarKist Samoa at Satala.

She said, “My Lome was my life, he empowered me to do what I’m doing now.

“He was our household father, mother, chef, handyman inside and outside, loving, and most of all a hard worker.

“This week Monday June 5th was our baby’s 16th Birthday, if he was around he could have done all the preparations as usual for our children.

“Our oldest is 22, and the baby is now 16.

“Our plan for Father’s day is to fix flowers for him. 

“I remember how we celebrated his 55th birthday, November 18, 2021.

“It was the first time ever we had a cake, provided by a friend of my family in the church. It was a beautiful cake and unforgettable because exactly a month after his birthday celebration, he passed.

Tragically, “on the same day, I received news from Samoa that my Father had also died,” Mrs. Vilii said.

“Father’s Day 2022 would be the first time for my children were without a father and for me as well — but God is good, we are still here and surviving.”

Mrs Vili told this newspaper this week that she’d already received a notification from the High Court of American Samoa that a decision on the case against the driver of the vehicle that claimed the four lives, including her husband’s, will be heard soon, and Samoa News understands the case will come up this Thursday at the High Court.