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Street names and addresses coming to Am Samoa, public input promised

Gov Lemanu P.S. Mauga

Pago Pago, AMERICAN SAMOA — In an Executive Order signed Thursday, April 18, 2024 Governor Lemanu P.S. Mauga created “The American Samoa Territorial Physical Addressing Initiative.”

The Preamble notes that American Samoa is one of the few remaining U.S. Territories and States without official physical addresses or location identifiers for streets, households, businesses, and government or private facilities.

It says this is limiting access to vital services and opportunities available to other U.S. citizens residing in states and territories with established physical addressing systems.

“[T]he absence of a standardized physical addressing system in American Samoa has led to substantial disparities, limiting residents' and businesses' access to federal programs, financial and banking services, essential services, business opportunities, and effective disaster response capabilities… “

The order calls for identifying and allocating the necessary funding and resources to support the development, establishment and ongoing maintenance of the physical addressing system, while also investigating public-private partnership opportunities to maximize efficiency.

It says a Working Group shall engage actively with the public, businesses, community organizations, and relevant stakeholders in order to solicit input, collect feedback, and ensure that the physical addressing system reflects the requirements and aspirations of the American Samoan population.

It instructs the Working Group to hold public consultations, town hall meetings, and public hearings to promote openness and participation in the decision-making process.


“The Working Group shall establish a detailed implementation plan for the development and launch of the Territorial Physical Addressing system, including timelines, milestones, and responsible entities.”

It says a system for ongoing monitoring and evaluation of the physical addressing system shall be established to assure its efficacy and precision. Regular evaluations will be performed, and adjustments made as necessary to maximize the system's benefits.

Quarterly progress reports will be submitted to the Governor's Office delineating accomplishments, obstacles, and recommendations pertaining to the Territorial Physical Addressing system.

The order took effect immediately and remains effective until establishment of physical addresses in the Territory and submission of the group's final annual comprehensive report.

No appointments to the Working Group were announced in the Executive Order.


Also on that date, the governor appointed Deacon Chaira Uiagalelei, Lisi Thompson and Faletua Doris Vaoga as members of the Board of Parole after Father Vaiula lulio and Folola Taatasi retired from the Board, thanking them for their service

The five-member Parole Board now consists of the following members: Deacon Chaira Uiagalelei, Mina Saifoloi, Edward Tautolo, Lisi Thompson, and Faletua Doris Vaga.


Parole Board terms do not expire. Each appointed member serves until his or her successor is appointed by the Governor. The board selects one of its members to be the chairperson.

Each member of the Parole Board has served the Territory through their community outreach and spiritual guidance. Each member is qualified to provide counseling and direction in addition to accomplishing the statutory duties of the board.