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Tramway site gets facelift

Historic Preservation Office David Herdrich, at the tramway site in Utulei which recently underwent repairs and upgrades as part of an ongoing effort to improve the local tourism infrastructure.  [photo: ASHPO]
Source: ASHPO media release

Visitors to the Tramway site in Utulei will notice the area has been given a facelift.

The repairs and upgrades at the Tramway site are part of an ongoing effort to improve the local tourism infrastructure, with an emphasis on eco & heritage tourism.

“Ecotourism and heritage tourism are natural fits for American Samoa as our landscape is full of potential.” says Historic Preservation Officer David Herdrich.

“A working group that consists of members from my office, American Samoa Visitors Bureau, Department of Commerce and National Park Service has been meeting regularly to identify opportunities to add to our list of tourist attractions. The tramway and Fagaloa trail system are the first projects we decided to work on. Other projects include restoring the Fagatogo Hydroelectric Building, making significant improvements to the WWII Heritage Trail in Utulei, and working to improve the appearance of the Historic District in downtown Fagatogo.

All of these projects are being done in partnership with our group and with assistance from the Department Parks & Recreation, American Samoa Power Authority, and Department Public Works and private business All Star Signs. We will continue to keep the public updated as these projects take hold,” said Director Herdrich.

“We also want to know what the public wants us to do to enhance our tourism infrastructure. We are open to new ideas and I encourage the public and private sector to contact us to be partners with us in improving the Territory and the quality of life for everyone who lives here and visits us.”

The work being completed at the Tramway site includes a recently installed trailhead sign for the World War II Heritage Trail, replacement of interpretive panels at the tram structure and commemorative monument, complete landscaping and cleaning of the site, and repairs to the concrete stairway and path leading up to the lookout fale.

“We’d like to thank everyone who is involved with this collaboration to enhance this great public space”, said David Vaeafe, Executive Director for the American Samoa Visitors Bureau. “We have started our busy summer cruise ship season, so visitors are going to enjoy the improvements being made to these sites.”

“This is a great time for American Samoa.  The more visitors who land on our shores, the greater the potential is for new money to enter into our economy.” stated DOC Territorial Planner Michael McDonald. “December is also a very strong month for tourism as families return home for the holidays.

Having a sufficient amount of appealing tourist attractions to fill our visitor’s calendar is important if we are to further grow our visitor numbers. Pago Pago Harbor is one of the most beautiful sites in the region and the tramway site in Utulei is one of the best venues to witness its beauty.” said McDonald.

For more information regarding the ongoing efforts to improve our tourism infrastructure, call ASHPO at 699-2316, DOC at 633-3050, or ASVB at 699-9805.