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US- Pacific drought conditions ease

Source: RNZ Pacific

Pago Pago, AMERICAN SAMOA — Drought conditions have eased in much of the US-affiliated Pacific states and territories.

However, dryness persists in the northern islands of Yap state, and the northern Marshall islands, according to an update last week from Guam's weather forecast office.

Satellite and rain gauge data, prior to a recent weather system, indicated drier than normal conditions persisted for northern islands of Yap State, the northern Marshalls and the Marianas; but tropical disturbances brought much needed rain to Yap State and Palau.

Despite recent showers, water shortages may still occur in Yap state and the northern Marshall islands in the coming weeks, until showers become more frequent and sustained across the region.

The rainfall forecast through August remains drier than normal for islands near and north of the 9N latitude line — which runs through the lower half of Kwajaleen Atoll — and near to wetter than normal to the south.