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We will see more of this while vacuum truck down — repairs $24,000

Fagaima Road flooding

(SA) # Fagaima water
Pago Pago, AMERICAN SAMOA — As of last Thursday there was stagnate water, which was not draining and receding after the small downpour the previous night. Rep. Larry Sanitoa shared the photo taken from in front of his parent’s home and information with Public Works director, Faleosina Voigt, who was informed that the DPW Vacuum truck is not working and unfortunately to repair the truck a special hose is needed, which will cost about $24,000.

It’s unclear as to when the vacuum truck will be fixed.

“Given this information and the importance of this vehicle for our district and the territory's drainage system, it is extremely concerning if the truck will be out of commission for any length of time,” Sanitoa wrote to Voigt.

“While the Fagaima drainage and many other serious drainage areas throughout Tualauta district are very dangerous and a safety hazard after every downpour, the thorough cleaning of all drainage areas by the maintenance crew using the vacuum truck makes a tremendous difference before another storm,” he suggested.

Furthermore, given this special vehicle has been the workhorse for the maintenance crew for over ten years, perhaps it is time to seriously look at purchasing a new vacuum truck.

 “Since the ASG budget review is in a couple of months, please consider looking at the Governor's Special Program and/or special grant for funding — given this vacuum truck was over $300,000” and funded under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act program funds in 2009, he said.