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Lolo and Lemanu name transition team leaders

The Lolo and Lemanu administration has named transition team leaders and members and they will be heading out to government offices from Dec. 6-14, 2012 to find out the condition of each department, says transition committee chairman, Afoa L Su’esu’e Lutu.

Afoa’s announcement was made during a general meeting at the Lolo and Lemanu headquarters in Matu’u Wednesday afternoon, which was packed with families and supporters of the new administration.

He told the transition teams that they are not FBI Agents; rather they are just there to take information about the departments and to find out the condition that each department is in. 

“We are not FBI agents, you are representing Lolo and Lemanu’s administration when you are in the government offices conducting your duties as a member of the transition team to gather information,” said Afoa.

He explained, “There is no budget to pay for the transition work we are doing, so we are working at the grace of God.”

Afoa informed the transition teams that they are going to meet on Dec. 5 at 4:30 pm the day before they head out to the government’s agencies and departments.


Governor-elect Lolo Matalasi Moliga also told members of the transition teams that there is currently no money to pay them, however, he told them “to please note down your hours, and if possible, we will submit a request to the legislature to allocate funding to pay for the transitioning.”

He added that there is also no budget for the inauguration, and the current administration is used to just moving money from one area to another area — which is against the law and will not be repeated in his administration.

Lolo said he was told by Governor Togiola Tulafono to use money allocated to other areas for the transitioning and yet it’s against the law. “By law the governor can use monies from the governor’s budget but it’s limited to just $25,000 to $30,000, yet that is not enough to pay for the transitioning.”

He apologized to the transitioning teams, noting that they will not violate any laws by pulling money that has already been allocated for other means. 

“We offered ourselves for change, and this is the change we will stand by — not to reach into the monies that have been allocated, because if we do, we would just be the same as the former administration.”

To the transitions teams, Lolo said, “Conduct yourselves properly” and do not stir up anything.”

One supporter pointed out that some members of the transition teams are assigned to the departments or agencies, where they have worked in the past or are currently working.

Lolo responded that those decisions were made based on those individuals having knowledge within those departments, given they have worked there before, or are still working there.

One woman asked if they should take annual leave while they conduct work for the transitioning, to which Lolo responded that they should.

The transition team co-chairs are as follows and are assigned to individual government departments, agencies and authorities. Of note, there seems to be no transition team assigned to the Development Bank of American Samoa listed on the copy provided to Samoa News.

The Lolo and Lemanu Administration provided the copy of the assignments.


Criminal Justice Agency: Ulufale and Mark Mageo

Environmental Protection Agency: John Ah Sue and Fa’amao Asalele

Budget Office: Cathy Saelua

Election Office: Seupule Leo

OPAD: Dr Peter Tinitali

Procurement Office: Mase Akapo and John Kruse

Public Defender: Don Fa’ai’uaso

TAOA: Valasi Gaisoa and Keith Gebauer

Territorial Energy Office: Tim Jones and Matt Le’i

ASCC: Dr Trudie Iuli-Sala and Rose Pato

ASG Retirement: Junior Fa’aola, John Marsh and Lemotu Mauga

ASPA: Utu Abe Malae and John Utu

ASTCA: Steve Shalhout, Tauapa’i Laupola and Bill Emmsley

DBAS: Levi Reese and Sam Kupa

LBJ-TMC: Dr Fuata I’atala and Representative Faimealelei Allen

Shipyard: Leroy Ledoux and Carlos Sanchez

Sports Complex: Henry Tavake

Administrative Services: Alofagia Nomura

Agriculture: Epa Poyer and Taimane Johnson

DOC: Fagafaga Daniel Langkilde and Keniseli Lafaele

DOE: Dr Salu Hunkin-Finau

DOH: Dr Victor Tofaeono and Tuileama Nua

DHSS: Apisa Pete Poumele

DHS: CSM Iuniasolua Savusa and Vaito’a Hans Langkilde

Legal Affairs: Ameko Pato and Faga Fualaau

DMWR: Dr Ruth Matagi

Parks and Recreation: Ken Tupua

Port Administration: Liu S, Liu, Representative Alex Jennings and Silila Patane 

Public Information: Siniva Anoa’i and Ali’imau Jr Scanlan

DPS: Peseta Dennis Lutu, Saitia Maui’a and Papali’i Marion Fitisemanu

DPW: Willie Sword and Representative Maugaoali’i Sipa Anoa’i

Treasury: Falema’o Pili and Fala Sualevai

Youth and Women’s Affairs: Galu Satele Jr and Mary Taufete’e

 Administrative Law Judge: Kereti Mata’utia

Humanities and Arts Council: Junior Tuiasosopo and Lauti Simona

Insurance Commissioner, Internal Auditor & Territorial Auditor: Tuika Tuika and Kalili Hunt

Office of Federal Programs: ASESRO, Veterans Affairs & Medicaid Office: Sapi M. Ena

TOFR: Salaia Gabbard and Tauva Esera

Vocational Rehabilitation: Makerita Enesi and Donna Alalamua

Information Technology: Brian Thompson

Governor’s Office local, Hawai’i & DC: Dr Oreta Crichton and Muagututi’a Leapei Fa’aola

Office of Samoan Affairs: Noa and Pulefa’asisina P Tuiasosopo



Lolo further noted that the positions for directors and heads of agencies are now open for anyone to apply, and even if you were chairman of a committee, you still have to apply and submit your resume if you want to work. “There will be a committee of four or five who will review the applications and the final decision will be made by myself and Lemanu.”

He explained,” All the director positions are available except the Attorney General and the Secretary of Samoan Affairs position.”

He said Governor Togiola will not return until Dec. 3 and there will a briefing between the committee leaders and the governor, and his cabinet members.

Lolo added that there are many issues coming up, yet there is no contact with the governor given he’s off island and that he (Lolo) and Lemanu have written him a letter asking him to refrain from making any major purchases they feel should be left for the new administration to deal with once they are in office.

The governor-elect noted that they have also sent a letter to the Department of Interior requesting an audit the government. (See story in today’s issue)

A public announcement from the Lolo and Lemanu Administration was issued yesterday inviting applicants for positions — directors of departments and heads of agencies — in the American Samoa government. With the exception of the two positions mentioned by Lolo as not on the table, the Attorney General and the Secretary of Samoan Affairs, there are 32 positions listed.

These positions are traditionally political in nature, with the appointed person serving at the pleasure of the Governor and Lt Governor.

“This means that job security is based on performance and measured by demonstrated delivery of quality service to the people of American Samoa in an efficient, and effective manner.”

A copy of the announcement obtained by Samoa News states, “It should be clearly understood that these positions are not subject to the protection of the Title 7 of the American Samoa Code Annotated and are “at-will” appointments.”

According to the announcement, “The successful candidate is expected and mandated to change the American Samoa Government’s service culture with focus on adjusting government employees’ mindset towards being courteous and efficient public servants and to be constantly mindful of the basic fact that their employment exists because of the people.”

Applications with resume and references are directed to be put in a sealed envelope, and addressed to the Lolo and Lemanu Administration. The application package or envelope should contain originals with three (3) copies.

The deadline listed is Dec. 15, 2012, before 4:00 p.m. and “no application will be received after the designated deadline.”

You can mail your application package/ envelope in, addressed to the Lolo and Lemanu Administration, P.O. BOX 4586, Pago Pago American Samoa. However, the package must be received within the designated deadline time and date — postmark not withstanding.

You can also drop it off personally at the headquarters of the team/ administration in Matu’u during normal working hours — a receipt will be issued to you to verify receiving the application package.

In the meantime, for more information about the applications, contact Committee Chairman, Fiu Johnny Saelua at 254-5514 or Secretary Taimalelagi Minnie Tuia at 731-7460.