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Samoa Police Service wishes to clarify the statistic relating to arrests during the period of COVID-19 as reported in the mainstream media and Radio New Zealand.

The [close to 300] arrests as reported are related to all arrests made by SPS since the beginning of the COVID-19 State of Emergency. Arrests included arrests made as a result of the commission of any criminal offenses.

The Samoa Police only detained two members of the public as a result of breaching the State of Emergency (SOE) and were presented before the Advisory Board as per requirement of the SOE and were dealt with accordingly.

As a general comparison to this time last year, SPS has noted an increase in General Crimes as well as Domestic Violence reported to police. Domestic Violence has increased by 40%.

Our Community Engagement Unit is currently carrying out public awareness and consultation with villages in an effort to curb this increase.

We thank the people of Samoa for their ongoing support and patience as we all endure the world wide impact of COVID-19.

Working together for a Safe Samoa!