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The Tagata Tutū Faatasi Alliance of American Samoa acknowledges the leadership of our local leaders especially the Taskforce. We would also like to address a few of the concerns in Samoa News on September 14, 2020.

“As of 12noon Saturday, Sept. 12, according to the state’s public online records, Hawaii’s total number of COVID-19 is 10,588 with 97 deaths. “

While the numbers are high, however World Public Health Officials look at the Positivity Rate or Percent Positive— which as of September 14, 2020 is 2.2% for Hawaii. What is Positivity Rate? This is positive tests/(total tests) x 100%.This is according to the John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. Also According to the World Health Organization the rule of thumb below 5% officials can begin to relax the Stay-at-home orders. Hawaii conducted their surge testing 2 weeks ago and we have begin to see a decline in their numbers and Positivity Rate.

✴ John Hopkins Question and Answer indicates that when Positivity Rate (Percent Positive) is low — “This usually means that the risk of getting COVID-19 in your area is lower at this time.”

“The paramount issue is containing any accidental transmission by any of our repatriated residents,” said Iulogologo”

“As part of pandemic preparedness, epidemiologists promote “containment strategies” designed to prevent community transmission. For coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), countries like South Korea—an example of successful containment — had a coordinated governmental response, testing on a massive scale, and prompt contact tracing and quarantine.” This was from a scholarly report published in the Journal of American Medical Association (JAMA) in April, 2020.

Containment and Mitigation are the key public health interventions that are currently available. For American Samoa there will be no “accidental transmission” when you test the passengers, quarantine them for 14 days, then test again.

Other islands have been able to do it since April and continue on with their repatriation plans. Countries such as Greenland that has the same population as ours, only had 14 that were tested positive, all home quarantined, recovered, no deaths and they only have 4 ICU beds.

“New information has revealed the high susceptibility of Pacific Islanders to the coronavirus which heightens our resolve not to be exposed to potential danger.”

The Alliance provides a weekly report to the Taskforce and other parties within the community, of the Science and Data that is being tracked.

Yes, we acknowledge that the Pacific Island Community positive cases had increased, but because of the surge testing done in Hawaii, they are beginning to decline. The most important part of this data when it was dis-aggregated, was that the significant population affected, our Micronesian brothers and sisters.

¥    The Tagata Tutū Faatasi Alliance is committed to provide accurate information according to the data and science from reputable sources.
¥    We will be aggressive with our commitment to ensuring that EVERY passenger follows the State and OUR own island guidelines so alleviate the fear within our borders.
¥    The Alliance has been proactive in giving our people the latest intel and continue to update as we receive information.
¥    The Alliance will mandate that EVERY passenger will have a mask on, have their 72 hour Negative Test results, hand sanitizers and gloves. Physical distance off 6 feet apart at all times, if not in the same household.
¥    The Alliance will be conducting a Zoom Virtual Educational Campaign concerning the Health and Safety guidelines for our stranded people. 
Thank you to all agencies involved in making this possible. Should you have any questions, feel free to contact us via email

— Tagata Tutū Faatasi Alliance of American Samoa